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7 Universal Truths That Will Change The Way You Look At Life

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by Conscious Reminder

The one giant law of life is that there are certain universal truths that govern us. If we are able to discern them, then we have a huge chance of changing the way we live.

They dictate our very existence, so it is definitely of paramount importance that we really understand what they are. True, it might be a bit difficult for the layman to grasp these universal truths initially, but there is nothing a human being can’t understand if they give their all to it.

Well, here are 7 universal truths that can possibly shape your life into something completely different than what it is now.

Everything is About Energy

Everything around you is a conduit of energy. Physics dictates that everything is made up of energy, be it animate or inanimate. Whether you are seeking your dream job or an ideal partner, it all comes down to the energy that you are putting out in the Universe.

Your thoughts, vibes, your spirit- everything is made of energy. And if you are not careful, you might dispel negative energy into the atmosphere which can possibly cause a rupture in your plans. Be careful as to what you are channeling out. Whatever you dispel, is what you will get at the end of the day.

Your Purpose in Life Can be Something Entirely Different Than What You Thought

Everyone has a purpose in life- we strive towards it every single day. But don’t think your purpose is getting a particular job, or marrying a particular human being. We all have our talents, and the one job that we have is sharing it amongst everyone.

So, if you are a good writer, shower the gift amongst people. Show them what you write; write about things that make sense, that force people to sit up and take notice. Something as paltry as a job can’t be your true calling in life. You are born with something special- share it out with every being in the Universe.

We Make Our Own Perfect Timing

There’s nothing that can correctly express a perfect moment. We are the makers of our own perfection. For, if you really think about it- there is always going to be a suitable reason to wait. You don’t want that particular car?

Well, there can be a thousand reasons why you should wait and search for a better one. Here, you need to understand that human life is all about searching and waiting for better options, and never staying content with the option that we have. So, stop waiting- and leap.

You Need To Take A Step

They say if one door closes, another opens. But they never once say that one actually has to walk over to that door. Else, what can an open door result in? Nothing. We need to take the opportunities life throws at us.

Otherwise, we would have nothing but excuses and a curse for our bad fate. You need to take a step. Be it a phone call, an SMS, an email- if you don’t show the Universe that you want to do something, why would it bother showering you with it? If there is no will, there can never be a way.

All The Answers You Seek Are Inside You

Your gut feeling isn’t just something that is caused by hunger- that is your personal Google. Every question that you have- be it about life, love, or the Universe, you already know the answer to it.

All you need to do is tap into it, and find it. You already have the book, you simply need to travel across the pages to find the correct word. Seems a fair bargain, doesn’t it?

Don’t Think About The ‘How’

Don’t dwell on every possibility that you might have used. Your existence on this plane isn’t to cater to the ‘hows’.

You exist to fulfill your goals. Let the Universe find the how, and answer it. All you need to do is walk on the path that it has set before you.

No One Can Decide Your Worth

You are worthy- because you are alive. You are a fully functioning being who can think. You can rationalize your choices, you can decide between options. What more can make you feel worthy? Remember, no one can decide your worth for you- only you and your actions can.

If you understand these 7 universal truths and try to live life as they say- you will find your paradise on Earth.

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