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Six Unusual Tips For Better Money Inflow

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by Conscious Reminder

It sounds a little bit weird that positioning your things around the house and the office in a certain way can result in bigger money inflow. However, Feng shui points out that this is really important.

Every day, you see and touch all sorts of things whose energy, combined with the energy you have yourself, can do wonders.

When you think about it, money also represents a type of energy that often, but not always, improves the mood and makes people happy and satisfied.

The trick is to create conditions for a smooth flow of the Life Energy in your home and life. That way you will ensure your safety and well-being.

Here are six important Feng Shui tips that will provide a greater money inflow in your home.

1. Fix everything that’s broken: pay special attention to faucets and leaky roofs.

According to Feng shui water represents two things money and emotion. Why exactly those two things?leaky faucet

It’s really simple: water flows and money and emotions are a type of energy that like the water has its flow.

Fix the leaky faucet and roofs. By fixing things in your home, you fix your life.

2. Close the toilet lid

Baths are big consumers of positive energy.

The water from the taps that goes straight into the drain and toilet flushing spin considerable amount of energy. Therefore, close the toilet lid to prevent energy from leaving you.feng shui toilet

Another Feng shui advice is to tie a red ribbon on the toilet seat pipe to prevent money loss and protect your finances.

3. Decorate your front door

It’s important that the front door exudes welcome.

Remove all the unnecessary things like garbage, old shoes, branches, and dead plants because they will block the path of the positive energy.


Also make sure that the doorbell functions so you can hear when a business opportunity comes at the door.

Your address and house number have to be visible so the energy can quickly and easily find the way to your home.

4. Take symbols into consideration

When you walk through the front door, what’s on the left side in the room that you’re entering?

According to old Tibetan teachings, this is the part of your home that’s tightly connected to and really important for money. What do you keep there? Are things neatly arranged, or in a total chaos?


Do you maybe have a plant that grows fast and smells divine? If you do, then expect improvement of your financial situation.

To make sure the energy and money inflow stay stable, decorate your walls with paintings that show nature, threes, waterfalls, rivers and maybe even galloping horses. Each of these images symbolizes freedom and evokes positive energy in your home.

5. Regularly maintained the fireplace

According to old Tibetan teachings, wood stoves represent a symbol of wealth and abundance.

Make sure it is always clean and perform regular maintenance of the chimneys.


By doing this, you will clear the path for the energy to create more job opportunities and better profit.

6. Learn to appreciate money

After you have gone through the previous five steps, it’s time to deal with your own attitude towards money.

There is a chance that you’ve had a wrong impression of wealth, money and rich people even since childhood. Maybe you see them as corrupt and vain because you think they obtained their wealth doing dishonest and illegal businesses.

It’s time to change the way you think.

Start seeing money as a reward for your good work, kindness, intelligence and dedication to others.

In life whether you are spending saving receiving or giving money always be grateful.

Your optimism and positive energy will serve as a magnet for attracting money.

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