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The 3 Signs Of Knowing Someone From A Past Life

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Theoretically, our souls exist beyond time and space and in order to grow and evolve they need to interact with other souls.

Even though we don’t remember we had any past lives there are some distant memories and feelings hidden deep inside of us. This is because, in theory, the soul has the power and capacity to store information and this information is stored deep down in our conscience.

In fact, this is how our souls grow. They store information. And not just any but crucial information. Therefore none of us is born blank because this information is inside of us and it reveals at some points at our new life.

Sometimes you catch glimpses of that information stored deep down in new situations and when meeting new people. A lot of things can trigger this glimpses such as places, circumstances, and souls that you already interacted with in previous lives.

Knowing someone from a past life can be real, and you can feel it by their vibration and energetic imprint. You just know that, don’t know how or when but deep down in your consciences you know you have met this person before. Sometimes these glimpses can provoke not such typical behavior of ours.

There are some signs that you can notice to figure out if you know someone from past life.

1. Telepathic connection.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you send messages with your minds. Telepathy is the condition when for example you are thinking of someone, and at the same time the same person calls you or texts you.

This connection is hard to explain by any theories, but it is also impossible to dismiss and say that it doesn’t exist.

These type of telepathic connections can be established only by persons and souls that are close to each other. These relationships are out and beyond time and space.

It’s when you are so close to someone that you are bare naked body and soul in front of them. You share every kind of moments together, intimate, sad and happy. You have grown a strong connection between your souls.

2. Feelings of instant connection and repulsiveness.

Knowing someone from a past life is the situation when you meet someone for the first time, and you feel an immediate connection and feel like you have met before.

These particular people could have been your family, partner or friends in your past life. One thing that is sure is the fact that you had a deep connection with this person and its soul.

Just like these feelings, there are the feelings of repulsiveness. You meet someone, and you are immediately repulsed from that person. Just can’t stand them even though you don’t know them at all. You don’t want to be near them.

Well, these people are the ones that caused you pain or hurt you very badly in your previous lives. You suffered so much, and you never forgave them, and this is why you feel like you have known them.

It doesn’t mean that they will hurt you again in this life or that they are still bad people.

These connections are probably with the goal for people to overcome their toxic feelings and focus on the growth of their soul.

3. The eyes never lie.

When you meet and feel like knowing someone from a past life you can see that in their eyes. They just look so familiar and look like you have seen those eyes a thousand times before. They hypnotize you.

Don’t forget about the fact that the iris stays the same forever just as it is developed in our mother’s womb. There are even people who believe that our eyes remain the same in every life we have.

This is why you need to look people straight in their eyes and feel for any possible connections.

You need to be open to the possibility of knowing someone from a past life and embrace it. Don’t ever ignore the eyes you are familiar with or the eyes that make you feel a strong connection to your soul. 

Believe your intuition, believe in telepathy.

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