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4 Childhood Experiences That You Need To Let Go Off

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by Conscious Reminder

Some studies on human beings proved that when we are a child, our mind is just as a sponge. So, every single thing that we see, encounter, hear, as well as experience will get absorbed profoundly in our subconscious, and then, it continues influencing us in every aspect.

This kind of influence may be a burden or a blessing, and this depends on the way it is driving our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Here, we will present the four common experiences from childhood that people have to release in order to keep going in their life:

Moments of excessive and uncontrollable fear.

We know that fear is simply a normal part of our process of growing. When we were kids, we were afraid of speaking in front of others on a stage. We were also scared of failing our exams or asking out our potential date for our prom night.

For a lot of us, the fear appeared when we actually failed at particular challenges or tasks, and every consequence that followed left us unworthy, embarrassed, as well as doubtful of the capacities we have. When adults, we used this fear as an excuse, in order to avoid exploring beyond the zones of comfort or taking some risks.

However, we need to be attentive about the purpose of our life, which is growing; fear is the key ingredient in the process of growing. Fear should not stop us from moving forward.

Situations when putting thing off paid off, but only for a short while.

The mind of a person is hardwired to protect him or her from potential harm that is quite good at time when that person steps aside in order to escape from a tree that is falling, for instance, but it is not that good when his or her brain is convincing them to stay still, put, without doing something today which can be done tomorrow.

When we were kids, we quickly started encountering some situations in which procrastination pumped us with temporary high.

Just like consequences from eating some unhealthy foods, as well as smoking, there are some from this short-time high. But, once when we are addicted to such procrastination, the pushing of those consequences beyond our mind will become second nature.

Also, another thing that makes this extra damaging is as we grow older, those stakes will get even higher. We should respect ourselves, our life and time, treating them with the simple urgency which they deserve.

Not being able to find some skill, purpose or pursuit which made our heart sing.

There were a lot of people who we remember from our past when we were kids, who pursued some skill or hobby, such as dancing, as well as playing some instrument or some sport, and continued making such pursuits successful life careers.

A lot of people tend to avoid going on the same path as they did and explored when they were children if they had any chance to do that. Instead, they followed what was convenient and available, sacrificing everything that fulfills them on a more profound level.

So, we should remember that the thing of honoring ourselves is equal like, or even quite more significant than, professional stability or wealth.

Self-doubt moments which were caused by role models or judgmental parents.

From the grades we have at school to our sense of fashion, it is entirely reasonable and simple for parents, teachers, mentors, as well as role models to judge us while we were growing up.

Unluckily, being continuously under their microscope can actually manifest in unease, as well as nervousness every time when we are faced which should be only ours.

In order to overcome such blocks, one crucial thing is to make them understand that we are the captains of our own ships.

Although it is admirable and beautiful to make our parents, as well as mentors happy, our own joy and happiness should come before everything else, and if they really love us, they will understand this.

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