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Numerology For October 2020: A New Cycle Begins

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by Conscious Reminder

October is bringing us unique energies. The numerology for October 2020 includes the influence of the number 1.

This is the first of the three months with 2 digits. And each of them starts with 1 itself: 10th month October, 11th month November, and 12th month December. Let’s see how the numbers 1 and 0 are going to influence us this month.

Numerology associates number 1 with leadership, new beginnings, and intelligence. Being a masculine number, it helps us move beyond our fears with inner strength. Number 0 is one of immense potentials. 0 is the energy that helps us learn before we join the education system. It is independent of our future plans and goals.

As we grow, we tend to become stagnant and lose faith. 0 reminds us of the vast possibilities. It makes us curious and more accepting of the future instead of dreading it. With the influence of androgenous 0 and masculine 1, October 2020 is all about leading with potential.

October 2020 is bringing some major shifts for us all. The pandemic itself has brought many changes, and many are still struggling with the change. We are also gearing up for the presidential elections next month.

But these changing times will also bring new opportunities. We have to go out of our comfort zone and explore the unknown. We need to channel our creativity in order to move ahead. Making minor adjustments along the way will help us succeed faster. The more accepting we are of these shifting energies, the better it is for us.

Celebrity Birthdays In October

Here are 3 celebrity birthdays in October that are much celebrated. What was/is the catalyst number that influences these leaders on their journeys? The catalyst number refers to the sum of the digits of one’s birth day and birth month.

Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869. He was a lawyer, activist, and also a spiritual leader. Gandhi popularized the concept of non-violence in a grief-stricken British-ruled India. He was the leader who inspired the masses of his country to overturn the British rulers peacefully. So what can we learn from his numerology?

The destiny number of Gadhi was 1+0+2+1+8+6+9=27, which comes down to 9. Number 9 is associated with transformations and completions. It is concerned with reaching higher goals, in both personal and collective lives. Gandhi’s catalyst number was 1+0+2=3. He used his unique voice to create ripples across the globe and led a country to its freedom.

Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate for the upcoming elections, was born on 20th October 1964. This activist turned into a successful politician. She is the Senator from California and currently the Vice Presidential nominee and has joined forces with Presidential nominee Joe Biden for the 2020 elections.

With life purpose number 5, Harris is a charismatic leader. She is an interpersonal connector who can reach out to her audience even she is on a stage. Number 5s are bold and stand up for what they believe in. their dynamic personality attracts people towards them.

With inspiration number 3, Harris is keen on creative ways of self-expression. Be it her speeches or ability to connect with others, this inspired orator is ever-motivating others with her charm.

Bill Gates was born on 28th October 1955. With destiny number 4, Gates built an empire and changed the way we knew technology. Life purpose number 4 is all about building and innovating new things. This innovator pioneered Microsoft in the technology industry as the leading brand for software. Gates has master number 11 as his catalyst number.

Associated with greatness, this master number guides its people towards invention and leadership. It is Gates’ destiny to be the first and succeed, but never at the cost of mediocrity.

If you are celebrating your birthday this October, calculate and see if your numbers align with these great leaders. Or maybe, you’ll be another world leader someday. Are you preparing for that role now?

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