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Here’s How To Prepare For The November Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

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by Conscious Reminder

November 2020 started high on the energy of the Halloween Full Blue Moon, and it is going to end with the energy of a Full Moon Eclipse.

What makes the 30th November Eclipse even more dramatic is the fact that it will be the first Eclipse in Gemini in nearly 20 years! Some shake-ups are headed our way. So here are 3 things you should do and 3 things you should not do to make the most of this event!

3 Things To Do For The November Eclipse

1. Be Open-Minded

Eclipses often shake us up and bring new realizations. New paths may appear if you have an open mind. With Gemini’s intellectual openness, a lot can happen during this lunation.

2. Express Free

Our focus will be on open communication to process our feelings. You can communicate with friends or just write down your emotions in a journal to have a better understanding of them,

3. Focus On The Details

We will be stuck between thinking of our immediate reality and of the world at large. The best way out is to not think too much of the big picture. Focus on what is in front of you and deal with one thing at a time.

3 Things To Not Do For The November Eclipse

1. Don’t Try Manifestations

Full Moons are the best time for manifestations. But when an Eclipse looms large, steer clear of such things. Lots of changes are about to take place, so don’t try to control things. Go with the flow.

2. Don’t Disturb Your Romantic Life

Just before the Full Moon, Venus and Uranus will be in strong opposition. The Eclipse will only add to the opposing energies. Uranus can reveal something disturbing related to our love lives, so it is best not to rock that boat.

3. Don’t Take Any Big Decisions

Full Moon Lunar Eclipses serve as turning points in our lives. With emotions flying high, it is best to wait till things settle down before we take any decisions. Let the Moon be your guide, and you can take your decisions once you know where you stand.

The Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is going to be an interesting one. With it, the final Eclipse season is setting in, and we are in for a ride. Are you ready?

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