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Mercury Is Turning Retrograde October 12th: How Do You Prepare For It?

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by Conscious Reminder

This October, Mercury is going to turn Retrograde for the last and final time this year. Stationed in Scorpio, this Retrograde will last between 13th October and 3rd November.

For the last two years, we have been seeing Mercury in Retrograde in water signs mostly. But after this last Retrograde of the year, Mercury will next turn Retrograde in a water sign in September 2022. So take the following days as the last chance to access the intuitive energies being sent your way.

When Mercury turns reverse in a water sign, this is the time for us to align with our hearts. We receive many insights since our intuitive powers are boosted, giving us access to unknown details. Mercury Retrogrades are meant for self-reflection, and when it is in water, themes of spirituality and intuition come in.

Whenever Mercury turns reverse, it signals the whole world to slow down. So why not use this time to focus on the details? With our intuitive powers heightened, we can understand the subtle clues better.

Hidden thoughts and desires can come to the surface now. You can also find yourself stuck in a past situation or people from the past reappearing in your life. Make sure you deal with them and clear the matters finally. Revisiting the past is an opportunity to make some changes and look over things. This will give us the confidence-boost to move ahead.

Here are the two most important aspects of this Retrograde that you need to pay attention to:

Mercury and Mars Retrograde

This October-November period is also the time Mars is turning Retrograde. Retrograde astrology says the closer a planet is to the Sun, the more intense is the impact of its Retrograde on us. With both Mars and Mercury turning reverse now, we will be feeling the heat quite intensely now.

With both active planets reverse, we will feel rather sluggish and confused. Mars’ energy will tell us to move ahead, but Mercury will cloud our clarity. Ruling all our actions is Mars, and ruling our minds is Mercury, and now both are confusing us with opposing energies. If your actions are not yet aligned with your heart, these Retrogrades will ask you to make some changes.

Our communicative powers are controlled by Mercury, and Mars makes us more impulsive. So when both are in reverse motion, we need to be very careful now. Know when to share your opinions and where to draw the line. If you find yourself in a difficult conversation, listen to your heart. Be patient, and be thoughtful. Your words can go way beyond what you meant to say.

Mercury Retrograde and the Presidential Elections

The most interesting aspect of this Retrograde is that Mercury turns direct on the day of the US elections. This will definitely have its impact on the election process this time. There can be miscommunications, delays, and confusion as we move into a new phase. By 20th November, we will gain most of our clarity back.

Astrologically, this election is very important. Whoever wins will be our guide during the first Pluto Return scheduled for 2022. This will be a time for major transformations as we go through a massive overhaul. Old orders will come to an end as we prepare for new beginnings. And those are the themes Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, works with.

But don’t think this overhaul will be for nothing. Major shifts await us in the coming months as the collective consciousness moves into a higher state. Till then, try to be aligned with your heart and raise your vibrations.

When your thoughts and actions are aligned with your heart, you attract higher energies. Hold the space to manifest your heart’s desires and also for the collective evolution of the planet.

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