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Six Lessons From Venus Retrograde October 5th — November 16th, 2018

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The word “retrograde” has a bad reputation thanks to the perceived effects of Mercury Retrograde, which happens several times every year. We love to blame it for all kinds of madness, but we’re here to talk about Venus Retrograde, and she’s an entirely different creature!

Venus turns retrograde about every eighteen months, and it’s that time. On October 5, the Cosmic Lady of Love will shine a spotlight on relationships, resources, and values and ask for re-examination. Past romances sneak back into the present and anything you have relationships with is up for question and redefinition. Unless you’re living in a perpetual abundance of beauty, pleasure, ease, and harmony, this retrograde has got your number – and most of us would agree we’re not always getting the balance right.

What is Venus Retrograde?

Technically, a planet is considered retrograde when we (the Earth) pass it in our orbit around the Sun. As the Earth catches up to another planet, that planet appears to slow down and move backward. This is very similar to passing a car on the freeway; the illusion that it is moving backward as you go forward. Retrograde planets represent a withdrawal from the usual motion and momentum; a time to reclaim, reconsider, re-do.

Venus rules our feminine nature which is receptive, creative, and magnetic. She also rules relationships, resources including money, values, essential needs, harmony, cooperation, beauty, and reciprocity. This list pretty much sums up the things we deal with every day; so how we live, and how we’ve been living, is literally up for renovation with Venus Retrograde. Get ready to tip those karmic scales, especially if you’re the one who owes a debt. And regardless of the old baggage, choose to go forward in peace.

The Goddess Speaks – 6 Lessons from Venus Retrograde

1) Impulse Control

During Venus Retrograde, our impulses will be tested, so watch out for the urge to splurge without intention. If you see something shiny and beautiful and the voice in your head starts screaming, “I must have it!”. Stop. Think. Is this really something you need? How will it enhance your quality of life? Don’t forget that people are part of this equation too. Your sexual energy might seduce you toward a crash course collision with some of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL people you’ve ever seen. “Love is blind” is a phrase that you can continue to repeat until you wake up and realize that the gorgeous guy standing in front of you is narcissistic, unemployed, and lives in his parents’ basement… and he’s not in his twenties or producing amazing art and music.

2) Respect the Past

Retrogrades almost always call things to the surface that have been forgotten, which can cause hitches in future plans. Venus rules over all partnerships, romantic or not, and it’s likely that someone from your past will reappear during this time. It can be so healing to close the book on what was, honoring and recognizing it was a necessary chapter in your story, but that it no longer belongs in your current narrative. Past circumstances resurface for a reason. Find the lesson in their presence. Venus Retrograde is the perfect time to consider the outcomes of previous experiences instead of running from them. This helps you go forward with new wisdom and awareness.

3) Acknowledge Your Value

For those of you with strong signatures of Taurus and Libra in your charts, Venus Retrograde can feel particularly personal. These Venus-ruled signs love to portray masks of beauty and elegance. Their lives look perfect, so they must be perfect, right? Truth is, they are no less human than the rest of us and during Venus Retrograde, their flaws will rise to the surface. Relax for just a moment, take a deep breath and be vulnerable. You’ll find that those who are true to you will love you no matter what. In mythology, Venus doesn’t do anything to earn love. She is inherently worthy and so are you.

4) Evaluate the Worth of Things You Already Own

Think twice before indulging in a new, expensive art piece or decide to paint your entire apartment on a whim. These things won’t turn out the way you expect them to. Venus rules the arts, and her retrograde isn’t the best time to start changing up your aesthetic, especially if you’re changing the external to “fix” something internal. If you sink your finances into something without thinking long-term or getting an objective assessment, you may find yourself spending double to get out of it or realize you didn’t really need it in the first place. Instead of looking for something new, repurpose what you already own. Regenerating the old is retrograde magic, so show some love to a few forgotten objects and watch them come to life.

5) Reassess Partnership Commitments

Venus Retrograde is a prime time to reassess your partnership contracts and legal agreements. Who are you in business with? Not just at the office, but in every aspect of your life. Take the time to check-in and make sure these people are holding up their end of the bargain, and that you are holding up yours. Venus wants things to be fair. If you’re not getting something equal back for what you put in, this is a chance to renegotiate the arrangement. If in the end, you let something or someone go, it’s ok. You deserve to make the best choices for you.

If you reassess your partnership and it is what you want, this is a wonderful time to renew your intention. If it’s a workmate, make a toast to your teamwork. If you’re married, consider a second ceremony. You will have the ruler of partnerships by your side as you celebrate someone who has made you happy enough to vow your love again.

6) Find the Beauty 

During Venus Retrograde, it’s important to look for the beauty in the little things, because the little things add up to everything. Embrace Venus’ wisdom and honor the pretty parts of your life where you can recognize light, but also remember to give a little extra love to your flaws, and the flaws of others. Beauty is right here, right in front of you, it just may take this powerful retrograde to reawaken you.

In Closing

Retrogrades have a funny way of reminding us what’s important in life and how to reconnect with our inner strength and innate talents. They offer us times to slow down, maybe even stop, before racing forward again. There really isn’t a right or wrong way to work with retrogrades, so don’t get caught up in things you “should” or “shouldn’t” do. Astrology is a fantastic tool, but it isn’t the answer. Like everything else, use it when it’s helpful and just let it go when it isn’t.

Maybe more than anything, retrogrades symbolize the need to define and create things for yourself, the way that works for you. You can start over whenever you want. Every moment is like a reset button, and you make the rules.

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