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October 2020 Horoscope: This Is How The Planets Will Influence Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

October 2020 is a month of transformations and changes. We are beginning a new cycle, with Full Moons accompanying both the first and last days of the month.

The first Full Moon is now helping us understand our hidden desires, while Pluto turning direct on the 4th will help us reflect on power structures. Mid-October 2020 will have Mercury turning Retrograde, which will slow us down for a while.

With the New Moon in Libra rising on 16th October, we can focus on collaborating with others. The month ends with a Full Moon on Halloween, so the energies will be quite interesting. Let’s see how each of the zodiacs will experience the start of the spooky season.


As the month began with a powerful Harvest Moon in your sign, you are supercharged right now. By the 13th, make some adjustments to your routine. You are in for some metamorphosis, so don’t resist the changes. By the end of the month, you will embrace these changes and calm down.


Post 4th October, you will feel more adventurous in love. But as Mercury turns Retrograde, make a plan to save some of your hard-earned money. With the Sun shifting signs on 22nd, you can take the last week of the month to reconnect with your dear ones.


You have been getting used to some changes, and things are smoother from now on. Slow down and fine-tune your routine. Focus on the self and set intentions for your needs before the Libra Moon rises. No time to procrastinate this October 2020!


Pumpkin spice season will make you want to spice things up in your life now! This is a great month to start that hobby you have been wanting to work on for so long. When Mercury turns Retrograde, you will focus on your spiritual growth. Don’t be shy of taking small risks, as the odds are in your favor this month.


October 2020 is making you a perfectionist, and you will be working towards shared goals. Mid-October, slow down and focus on the mundane. You can make a financial plan as Mercury enters Scorpio and prioritize your needs. By the end of the month, if you feel stuck, reach out to your family. They will know exactly what to do!


October 2020 will make you quite money-minded. Understand where you are spending your energy and how that can be better used to help others. Question yourself, and have a wide perspective. New opportunities will come only if you can re-discover your purpose.


Time for you to slow down and relax a bit. Find things that bring you pleasure, forget what the world tells you. Use October’s energy to find the balance between spiritual growth and your love for material objects.


This month is about thinking about and working with others. Be it your romantic partner or your new group of friends, you will want to reach out. As the Sun shifts in your sign by the 23rd, you will enjoy some great energies. Make the most of it!


October 2020 is bringing some highly productive energies your way! Now is the time to organize your life and clear all pending work. With the Mercury Retrograde, make sure you don’t ignore your feelings. You are in for some self-improvement, and personal transformations will help you feel brand new!


October 2020 is asking you to prioritize your projects. Don’t waste your energy on things that don’t need your attention. There will be some changes to the status quo so be careful how you use your energy. If Mercury makes you feel overwhelmed, calm down, and take a day off. Why not spend a few days with your besties?


You will be more home-oriented this month, and spruce things up with some quirky DIYs. On the career front, you are ready to polish things up and embrace growth. You will be attracting quite a few people this month, but don’t let their energies burn you up.


Time for some introspection! You want to sit with your feelings for now, and if needed, create some healthy boundaries. As the month progresses, you will be willing to collaborate with others on a passion project. Explore the unknown and see what success lies hidden.

October 2020 is packed with cosmic activities, and we will face a host of different energies. It is best not to resist them. Be flexible, and the month will have much to offer!

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