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Is It Forever Love Or Just Another Karmic Relationship?

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by Conscious Reminder

Going beyond mere infatuation, a karmic relationship takes place when you feel an intense sense of familiarity with another soul.

You would feel like you have known them from past lives and would want to explore more. A divine connection pulls you two closer, where you feel like their soul is all too familiar.

The Karmic Glue Of Love

If you two become closer and start a relationship, you would feel the intense passion. Butterflies in your stomach, sensation in your bones, and an absolutely unprecedented feeling of strong connection would overcome you. These are all signs of a karmic relationship. Unfortunately, karmic relationships are usually filled with tough soul lessons and can be quite painful too.

How Would You Feel?

Karmic relationships can destroy your self-esteem and stop your growth. It might air the self-hate within you, and you would accept abuse from others because you would feel you deserve it. Old family patterns would bind you, and you would voluntarily want to be lonely and despairing. If you want to escape these traps, you have to raise your own vibrations in the karmic relationship. Focus on the real world. Karma is all about lessons and balance. The lessons can be about self-love and sovereignty. Otherwise, you will be trapped in old patterns that limit you and put you in a negative space. If you are not aware, you would end up in a loop where you keep repeating these patterns and doom yourself.

Love vs. Karma

How does one distinguish a loving relation from a karmic relationship? In a loving relationship, you would feel calm and secure, but a karmic relationship would make you restless. You would feel like you’re walking on eggshells all the time. That is not how a relationship should be.

When you are under the hypnosis of Karma, you would find yourself being accepted with all your faults. But then that person would mistreat you and exploit you in multiple ways. Most of the time, people are not even aware that they are being taken advantage of. The power of karmic relationships is that despite such circumstances, due to some unexplained reason, you would willingly choose to be with that person.

It might be emotional or physical intimacy that you have never experienced before. You might think this is enough to stick around, but you would realize that it is just a karma maneuver that forces you to experience all the angles of your relationship. Often, your own feelings would not be reciprocated in a karmic relationship.

So how do you get out of such a relationship?

Accept Yourself

If you really want to break free from such a karmic relationship, first you have to acknowledge that you are indeed in a karmic relationship. Once that acceptance comes, you would see how unhappy your union is. Awareness is the first step.

Remember Your Strengths

When the other person eats away at your self-esteem, you have to hold on and remember your strengths. You are the one in control of your destiny. You create your own path. Don’t wait for a better time or situation. Get up and leave.

Ask For Help

Spiritual growth is what will see you through old restricting family patterns. If you have grown up with restricting patterns, you might not recognize the ill-effect they have on you. That might seem normal to you, but, with a little reflection, you would see their true impact. In such cases, you need to reach out to others outside your family. Let them help you out of these patterns.

Once you decide to move past this karmic relationship, you have to stay really strong. Build your self-confidence slowly and tell yourself that no one else has the power to take away your happiness. Learn from your mistakes and move towards a brighter future. Those lessons will take you far!

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