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Bad Karma And 7 Ways To Deal With It With Grace

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by Conscious Reminder

The karma that we all experience is the Prarabdha Karma. This karma is like the arrow which was shot from a bow, and no force is able to stop this arrow from hitting the desired target.

There is positive and negative karma, and we are not able to avoid experiencing our karma. But, there are certain things we can do in order to handle it much better.

Here are the seven ways of doing so:

Accept responsibilities.

The primary step towards bad karma healing will be to take absolute and full responsibility for where we are in our life. Sometimes life can be unfair, and forces beyond our control will dictate our lives, but despite this, we are the only responsible for our life and our karma. Acceptance is the one which sets the process of healing into motion and puts us in a much better position in order to start dealing with our karma.

Know that we don’t have to resign to our karma.

Every single thing in our life happens according to the karmic law. Everything done in the past already created its result in the form of karma, so it unfolds in our life at the moment. However, although the consequences were pre-determined, it doesn’t mean that our life is actually pre-determined. What plays a fundamental role in the shaping of our life is dealing with our karma. We can do that more gracefully or turn our negative karma to our advantage.

Make a distance between the karma we experience and our self.

When we identify ourselves with all the karma, we go through, or when we get involved in everything we experience emotionally, maybe because of attachment or emotion, we will make it much harder when it comes to handing a situation gracefully. We should stay away from such experiences and act as a witness without emotions. This will give us the ability actually to see the bigger picture more clearly.

Stop accumulating negative or other new karma.

When sometimes we find ourselves in a particular deep whole that we would like to get out of, we have to stop with digging it more in-depth. Until we exist in these everyday realities, we cannot avoid the performance of actions. Such actions will also have karmic results and consequences. We will continue accruing any additional karma, and one way of stopping this would be by detaching ourselves from our desires for action, or from our action, and even from the final results of it.

Find the bad karma’s root cause.

When we are prepared about taking full responsibility for our karma, we are going to realize that we are our karma’s creator. When we experience bad karma, the roots of it are deep inside us, in our past conduct. They are enemies or obstacles that reside within us and create such negative karmas. By voluntary actions and intentions, we are able to destroy our inner enemies and any obstacles too.

Eliminate relationships and situations which support negative cycles.

While we are living our lives, we will probably find ourselves in relationships or situations that are cyclical and negative. We have to break those cycles, or they are going to keep contributing to our life negatively. We should evaluate what actually works for us and what does not peacefully and without emotions.

Ask for forgiveness and also forgive other people.

We sometimes feel anger because we feel that someone has wronged us. We will keep attracting negative karma or energies, as long as we are harboring bad feelings for someone or something. In order to break the cycle, we have to let go of our hatred and anger, and we will definitely find ourselves more at peace within ourselves.

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