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Tonight’s Capricorn New Moon Marks The Real Start Of 2021

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by Conscious Reminder

The Capricorn 2021 New Moon will usher a formidable change. Consequently, we must integrate the fundamental shifts of 2020 with the new goals and plans in a gradual manner.

This New Moon will feel like a butterfly evolving from its cocoon. As a result, the process is going to take time and lead to the recuperation of our self.

Luckily, this feeling has the comfort of the existing environment and is not completely new. Since the process began in 2020, it got stuck during the solstice of December 2020. However, now is the opportune time for it to be fulfilled.

Since this New Moon is closely situated to Pluto, the air around it is certain, potent, and permanent. Pluto is the representative of inevitable change along with being a secret-keeper, and a keeper of hidden treasure, and psycho-beasties. 

He will bring immense focus and definite reformation to our psyches, goals, priorities, and experiences of reality.

This alignment is taking place soon after the restructuring of Saturn and Jupiter. Several incidents happened during that time in everyone’s life. Finally, we are wrapping our minds and heart around it now.

It is a time when we will experience apprehension, vulnerability, and also nervousness. Nonetheless, we have the support of positive energy. The new and the old will converge.

This might feel like a battleground at times, while at another time, we might feel motivated to push our boundaries and limits. 2021 will be a year of push and pull throughout the year.

A Constant Tussle Between Moving Forwards And Backwards

Mars usually oversees the way we strive forward. Mars is squaring Jupiter as Saturn rules the Capricorn 2021 New Moon. Saturn is also known to represent adulting and discipline. Mars-Jupiter interaction drives motivations, actions, and agendas. Meanwhile, Mars-Saturn halts and restrains action.

The presence of Mars in Taurus brings relationships, money, and additional resources. Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius usher a blooming community and friends as well as technology and social distancing.

Although there might be frequent protests against authority, shutdowns, and future plans. Be prepared to take care of friends and family with the provision of money and food along with the organization of online group projects and making revolutionary concepts.

Tentative guardrails and defenses must be strategically placed within ourselves to keep us grounded. Capricorn 2021 New Moon is also configuring the sextile between alleviating Chiron of Aries and Saturn. Owing to this, several issues including the burden of work, trust-issues, and toxic masculinity might reduce during this span of time.

Every person has their personal ambitions. However, we have friends and an extended community to lend support owing to the presence of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Friendships will flourish and we will have a strong community feeling.

Finding An Anchor

The Hallmark Channel romance period has concluded. Capricorn’s 2021 New Moon will bring relationships that will be fraught with maturity, support, and shelf-life. Venus, the goddess of money, desire, creativity, and love will awaken Uranus and bring surprises.

As Pluto squares Eris, the sir will be disruptive, bringing radical shifts. We will get what we desire but in a different guise. Capricorn 2021 New Moon is guided by inspiration and superior guidance.

This perplexing air will max out within this month and slowly phase out. Meanwhile, be alert and stay focused on the goal.

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