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Those Who Celebrate Another’s Success Will Be Happy And Thrive. That’s How Life Works

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Once upon a time there was a traveling merchant.

At first, he was poor and used his old car to drive himself to poor areas. They treated him well; decently, always with a pleasant smile on, he sold his goods for very little money.

People would give him a friendly tap on his shoulder, joked a little and bought something small from him. No one ever attacks a cute merchant, do they?

Job was going well, and his hard work paid off, so soon enough the merchant had earned enough money to buy a new car. His dream was to buy a black “Jaguar”, and he did it.

And then, here’s what happened: the people in the poor areas started hating him. They would throw beer cans at the “Jaguar” and scratch it. Destroy a new car.

The merchant himself was punished too. The children used to show him a middle finger, and the adults bad-mouthed him.

And of course, they stopped buying things from him, although the prices had stayed the same.

The merchant was sad and disappointed, so he started going to the rich regions and knocking on the doors of wealth people.

Earlier he was afraid they would chase him away, but these people were happy to buy his goods, so much he even raised the prices and got rich.

Looking at the “Jaguar”, reach people showed him a finger too, but it was a thumb up. They were happy for the traveling merchant’s success.

One shouldn’t drive a “Jaguar” to the poor areas. The merchant understood it clearly. People will support you there while we are poor and unsuccessful. And at the slightest sign of success, they will throw beer cans and kick you.

It is necessary to look for a decent and appropriate environment.

And, one more thing is clear: the one who hates someone else’s Jaguar, will never have one on the own.

That’s how they will stay forever, with their beer cans and curses. And those are happy for other people’s success, they will flourish in every aspect of life. That’s how life works.

Curses and insults are only signs that show us the right direction; we need to go to another region, to other people. There is success waiting for us there.

Real success!

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