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Angels Are Closer Than You Think. Here’s How To Hear Them

by consciousreminder
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By Conscious Reminder

Do you believe you need someone else to communicate with Angels?

Thing is, Angels are all around us and we don’t need any special mediums or ‘gifted’ people to communicate with them.

Angels are closer than we think. Your Guardian Angel is always there to guide you and their only mission is to protect you on your journey.

If you want to be in touch with your Angel and hear their messages, you have to actively develop a relationship with your Angel. Think of them as your friends and converse.

You can start a routine where you dedicate a specific time of your day and authentically talk to them. If you need help or advice, ask freely.

Share your worries with them, and have faith that they are hearing you. Once you establish this connection, you will feel their presence all day long.

You don’t have to speak out loud even. Angels connect with your vibrations and recognize your feelings and emotions. You just have to consciously put your thoughts out.

The best thing about Angels is that for every trouble you have, you will have multiple Angels helping you out. Suppose you want to buy a new home, you can try to communicate with the Angels of home and protection.

There are Angels for love, Angels for employment, and even when it is as minor as finding a lost key, you can call upon Angels to help you. Angels don’t think your problems are small or big.

Their perspective is quite different from ours.  Our ego disrupts our true vision, but the lack of ego in Angels helps them visualize different results for our petitions.

God has created more than enough Angels for us, we just need to reach out and communicate with them.

Soon you will start noticing the changes in your life. Angels will send you signals, and synchronicity will be a major part of your life. Don’t tell them how you expect your problems to be resolved.

Let them do the work and help you out. Trust that Angels are hearing your prayers and they are sending you all the help you need.

Just have faith!

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