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How To Deal With Your Trauma Without Hurting Others

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By Conscious Reminder

The National Council mentions at least 70% of all Americans have encountered some type of trauma at least once.

Traumatic events can include health issues, losing loved ones, violence and abuse in the family, and so on. But traumatic events start haunting us when we can’t process those emotions and move on.

If you have encountered trauma, known that it is temporary. The actions and emotions traumatic events give rise to are temporary, and you cannot use the excuse of your trauma to justify yourself. Here are three things you need to start doing even when past traumas seem to deter you:

Don’t Fail To Take Action

Dealing with traumatic experiences is never easy. It impacts our behavior and thoughts, but you cannot let it control your life. While it is not your fault, you have to take responsibility for your actions. You get to choose how you will process the trauma and emotions. Get out of the victim mindset and move on from the suffering.

Improve Your Behavior

If you use your past trauma to justify bad behavior, you need to fix that. Even significant bad experiences can be overcome as we grow. Anger issues, anxiety, lack of trust, and low self-esteem are common issues noticed in people who experience trauma.

Those around you might sympathize with you initially and help you through, but consistent bad behavior will eventually push them away. Blaming others will not heal your trauma. Do some self-reflection, see where the problem lies, and seek the help you need.

Don’t Make Your Loved Ones Walk On Eggshells

When we live past traumas every day, the negativity is also reflected on those around us. It is up to us to manage our emotions and behavior.

But just because you are sad or angry does not mean your friends and family will be walking on eggshells your whole life. They will be supportive when you need them, they will try to understand your grief.

But it is wrong of you to demand that they always watch what they say or do around you. If they continue this, not only will they become your enablers, but they will also develop anxiety of their own. If you have relations in your life where you don’t let the other one express themselves freely, it won’t do you any good either.

Your ups and lows, while you deal with the trauma, is understandable. But don’t expect people to be your punching pillow all the time. Strengthen your will, and start working on yourself. Heal your trauma, and your relationships will improve too.

Facing your triggers is not easy for anyone. But the world does not need to tiptoe around you. You cannot hide from those triggers for the rest of your life. Sooner or later, you have to face them and deal with them.

With each passing day, try to heal your past trauma. Be patient with yourself and request those around you to be patient.

Healing can take years at a time, but always remember that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel.

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