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5 Ways To Get Your Negative Emotions Under Control

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Negative emotions may carry the same force as positive ones, but they still manage to hit us harder.

Why is this happening? Studies show that the negative emotions last longer in our brain and affect us more deeply than positive ones. This means that people have the instinct to give negative emotions higher importance, which leads to our point that you can get these feelings under control.

“I’ve heard of many strategies to control negative emotions. However, what I find to be the best solution is determining the most suitable way based on the individual’s needs and characteristics,” according to Steven Sanders, content writer at Essayontime. The ability to understand and implement emotion regulation lies in the handling such emotions. To help you achieve this, we have made a list of the top five ways to get rid of those negative thoughts.

Shift your Attention to the Good Things in Your Life

The beliefs we have are the source of nearly every emotion we feel. Surely, there are certain things in life that cannot be prevented or avoided at any cost and these may cause us a heavy load of negative feelings, but the majority of our thoughts are based on our own perspective. The path to happiness is very clear – shift your attention from the bad to the good. This is much harder than it sounds, but it is definitely possible. Let’s say you are feeling inferior to your friends, family or people around you. The fact is, there will always be a person in the world that is going to be better than you in something, but you should never let this affect you. Instead, try to focus on what you are doing and the advantages you have over other people.

In other words, start savoring the good in your life!

Use Yoga to Release Emotional Blockage

The connection between your body and your mind is very strong, which is why we feel disturbing sensations when the mind is overwhelmed by something. The word ‘feeling’ comes exactly from the fact that we feel a sensation in our body. For those who do not know this, feelings change your hormone levels and mess with the pattern of nerve firings in our brain. For this reason, we feel the emotion even long after the upsetting experience has long passed.

Yoga can help you release all the emotional toxicity stored in your body. Even though emotions serve to help us survive, it is never good to experience chronic negative emotions. In order to get rid of those negative thought patterns, you can change the position of your body in a way that your mind will experience emotional release. Yoga practices, breathing, and meditation are the most popular way of releasing the constriction and get rid of negative feelings.

Change Your Body Language

Body language can help you feel more in control with your emotions. This is a powerful tool in changing the way you feel and once you learn to communicate confidence, you can easily get rid of negative feelings. Here are three of the most popular ways of using body language to reduce stress and get rid of bad emotions:

1. The ‘power pose’

When the body is large and open instead of closed and small, your testosterone levels are higher. This hormone is known to make people feel more powerful and therefore, helps them gain more control. On the other hand, the ‘low power’ pose increases your stress hormone cortisol, which makes you feel even more insecure than before.

2. Sit and stand comfortably

If you feel insecure, you are most likely sitting uncomfortably. Change this by distributing your weight evenly across the body, both when standing and sitting. Plant the feet shoulder-width apart and do not shift the weight from one leg to the other.

3. Make smooth and relaxed movements

Instead of being passive, try to keep your movements smooth.

Exercise Regularly

Did you know that exercise can help improve your bad mood? When a person is exercising, their body releases endorphins. For this reason, people who exercise on a regular basis are calmer, more positive and energetic than those who do not.

Take Breaks

We often feel overwhelmed when the body and mind are not well-rested. The brain has a tendency to get stuck and therefore, needs some rest to refresh and start functioning in optimal condition. Not taking breaks is the worst thing you can do to your body. Take small breaks in between tasks to break the rumination cycle and fight those negative thoughts. Are you tired from all that negativity in your life? Try out these simple steps and fight off all the negative feelings you’re feeling and you will feel in the future.

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