Venus Is Going Retrograde In Less Than A Month And It’s Bringing Many Temptations

by Conscious Reminder

A Venus Retrograde is significant in our lives in several ways. Firstly, its duration is forty days and forty nights, which definitely has important biblical connotations. It refers to the incident where Satan tempted Jesus for forty days in the forest.

This connects to the widely known theory that Venus has two distinct sides – the Goddess of Love and also of War, as believed by the Babylonians. Venus is also called Lucifer, the light bringer, when she takes the form of the morning star.

Apparently the initial Lucifer period is problematic as those who are born in this time tend to be very romantic and hasty about relationships. Hesperus or the evening star period is much more grounded and conservative version of Venus. The interlinking and movement between these two zones is called retrograde.

What Does Venus Retrograde Mean?

During the forty days’ time period, one has to be careful about giving into temptations and avoid Venus being like Lucifer the tempter. You could be lured by materialistic desires or lust. Pay attention to Venus’ movements as it will greatly help your spirituality. In the initial stage of the retrograde, she is Hesperus who is kind, sweet and chaste. It will make us yearn for affection but we will be too shy to do something about it. Our apprehension might make us stick to a past partner which results in karmic links. This is a sensitive phase as you try to protect yourself from a newcomer and also cling to old love. During this time you should bury the past relationship and find your closure.

Dark Cupid

When Venus takes the form of Lucifer, the morning star, we enter a situation called the ‘Dark Cupid’. You will be driven by lust and it will cloud your judgments. It’s best for you to stay away from meaningless sex as it will impact you greatly spiritually. Love yourself and celebrate your body as it’s precious. Giving into bodily pleasures will not make you feel good in the long run.

There are several bad traits of Aphrodite like envy, anger, cheating and others that create troubles in your life. One night stands might seem casual but during a Venus retrograde there is a strong possibility of you getting attached to your fling. 

So during this time it is needed that you stay careful of new prospective relationships. However it’s not just about sex but like Mars, an inward Venus retrograde can do you a lot of good. It’s a great time for investing in antiques, secondhand items and flea market products where you buy something because you understand its genuine value unlike others. You can even put up your unused stuff for sale. It’s also a good time to be creative and express yourself for your own sake.

The Lucifer Period

During this retrograde we often feed the need to distance ourselves from others and so it’s a good time to learn to love yourself. Those who are single should remain so for the last two weeks of the period. This retrograde kind of acts like Eris, if we go back to Babylonian legends, Innana definitely was a previous incarnation of Venus.

What Is The Synodic Cycle?

The shadow period in a Venus retrograde is spread over quite a long time which diminishes its effects and thus not so intense as a Mars retrograde shadow period. It also means that it will stay longer in a certain chart zone and act like a different planet. Also it forms a pentagram every 8 years and so it’s important to know what happened 8 years ago to figure out a pattern. 

Hope it helps you to find peace and stability in life. 

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