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Give Yourself Permission To Manifest Your Dreams

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Have you ever thought that what’s stopping you from manifesting your dreams is actually your own self? Do you think it’s too easy to be true?

Believe it or not, it really works

Are you someone who subscribes to courses everywhere? Or perhaps visualize your goals regularly? Or are you someone who takes actions only when you feel inspired by other people’s actions?

You may also make vision boards or try to knock on every door that gives opportunity. Or perhaps you keep repeating positive affirmations.

Yes, we have all got our own personal dreams and goals. We intend to paddle towards that. And we are powering against the currents. But incredibly slowly.

But do you realize how much work it is to work on your dreams? It becomes exhausting by the time the day ends.

Do We Give All Of It Up?

Perhaps you simply give it up. Because you get distracted by your day-to-day life. You do what you’re so used to now; you find it hard to challenge it all.

You get lost in the world of trudging, worrying, and working with a to-do list that is very long.

And then you reward yourself by binge-watching some shows with drinks and good food. Is that what it is now? Is Netflix a reward?

It is the mundane life of a hamster wheel. Going in circles and nowhere. But then we jump again onto it. And give it our best. But it is another circled path.

These, too, are societal norms — pain in exchange for gain. But what if manifesting dreams is easier? And much more joyful and fun than it seems?

Permit Yourself To Manifest Your Dreams

Ask yourself this — is it harmful to experiment with new beliefs? Struggling has not gotten you to your dreams. So how about slowing down? You can always go back to your list and life.

Appoint fewer tasks to yourself every day. Interact with the universe playfully. Choose exercises to manifest that are fun. Slow down. Hard work doesn’t mean you deserve it. Center your life with your well-being.

It is time to explore your creativity. Make it a magical journey!

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