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There Is Something Extraordinary Happening In The World, And Most People Haven’t Noticed

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Let’s make one thing clear before we start! The fact that you are reading this, even if you ran into this article by ‘accident’ (accidents and coincidences don’t exist), confirms that you have already started walking the path of the awakening.

Maybe you still haven’t realized this, but something extremely extraordinary is happening in the world right now. Yes, the world is changing and I will tell you the ways in which the world is changing:

1. People cannot understand the concept of employment anymore:

Everyone is becoming more and more aware of the fact that the way employment works is not good. This means that most of us realize that we are not happy in the jobs that we have chosen and thus are actually trying to find the purpose of our lives. Yes, people really feel that they have to work to achieve the purpose that they have set for themselves and this is the reason that they don’t like their jobs anymore.

2. Entrepreneurship is changing:

Entrepreneurship is changing in a way in which more and more people are starting their own start ups. This means that there is a rise of innovative ideas and everyone wants to do something new for the world. Everyone wants to leave a legacy behind and thus startups and new entrepreneurship models are on the rise.

3. Collaborations are increasing:

People are realizing that the influence a single person can bring is far less than the influence a group of people can bring. Thus, more and more people are coming together to do different things that are useful for the world. It is surely an amazing phenomenon.

4. We are learning the internet:

Initially, we were all overwhelmed by the internet. We didn’t know how to use the internet properly and didn’t quite understand the benefits of the internet. Now, we do know how to use the internet and we are realizing the importance of the internet more and more now. This is surely good for us.

5. Consumerism is getting limited:

We are realizing the web of consumerism and advertisements that was around us for a very long time. Moreover, we are realizing that consumerism was affecting us in a bad way and influencing as well as manipulating us. We are finally able to see beyond the limiting contours of consumerism and are thus realizing that we need to become better people rather than fall into the snares of materialism.

6. Organic eating and health are talked about:

We are also realizing that the quality of food is not very nice and thus we are moving towards eating healthy food and making good life choices. There is an increasing awareness as well as discussion about health and fitness and this starts off from the idea of organic eating. More and more products that are being made are organic in nature and thus the way we think about health is also changing.

7. Spirituality is increasing:

The more we are going away from materialism, the more we are realizing the importance of being grounded in spirituality and the relevance of spirituality in our lives. This realization is also helping us in understanding how spirituality must govern our actions and our deeds and thus we are becoming better and more aware of our spiritual roots and needs.

8. People do not trust the education system:

We are also realizing that the indoctrination that happens in the education system is extremely harmful for us. We are realizing that the education system is making us more of a slave to the other systems of society and thus is harmful for us as a whole.

Therefore, something extraordinary is happening in the world. May be we aren’t noticing it but change is bound to happen.

Let us hope for the best for the world!

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