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Tonight’s Pisces New Moon Brings The Most Creative Fresh Start Possible

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 by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon for Pisces for the current year will have a profound effect on our lives. Our daily lives are already finding a softer touch to it and it has a calming effect on our personalities.

The Pisces New Moon of 2021 is an invitation to take a break from the mundane routine. It is an invitation to create breathing space and find an escape.

It is an opportunity to rest. The New Moon enables you to focus on your creativity, or simply allows you to float away in peaceful dreams.

The Period Of Rediscovery

This New Moon will act as a refresher for our spiritual obligations and duties. You will find renewed vigor in your pursuit of art, music, and poetry and the creative drive behind them.

The feelings of compassion, love, and kindness are much more gentle and soothing. Spirituality, ecstasy as well as connections with the greatness that you consider beyond yourself will be strengthened in this New Moon. Step past your conscious mind.

As you do so, you might find yourself stumbling upon some significant inspiration. You will find an opportunity to see yourself getting restored.

The energies are formless and fluid. They are difficult to catch hold of with our bodily hands. This is the time to listen to your mind without any worries for you will not be losing anything.

The difference of the air from the rigidness of February with its indifferent Aquarian energy is stark. The build-up is a result of being intellectually aware of the communal network.

The awareness is transforming into a vivid understanding of being one’s true self. The New Moon will make it hard to differentiate between people; between rational thoughts and the heart’s call; between what you see through your eyes and your mind; between all existence and your personal lives.

The Effect Of The Cosmos

A state of over-activity is presiding over our minds. This is due to Mars, the action star, currently residing in the social Gemini. Mercury, the messenger of the cosmos is right at the corner of Aquarius, which is just as airy.

They are mainly the recipients of the messages influenced by Pisces, which is the driving force in our lives currently. The influence will have the sensation of possessing knowledge relying on intuitions and telepathy.

This year the Pisces New Moon is special. It is escorted by Neptune and Venus, the ones in charge of creativity and love respectively. They are emanating a variety of soul-enriching energies. Allow yourself to be drenched in them.

The Pisces New Moon of 2021 is also a call for immersing ourselves in divinity. It may be similar to attending a religious ceremony, however, you may notice the powerful presence of the otherworldly benevolence.

This is the time to seek forgiveness and extend it personally to those around you. Neptune and Venus are known to exert sympathy and kindness. A small help can go a long way, and this is the time to show kindness and sympathy.

It is also a time for celebrating your connection to the spiritual powers and being as creative as possible.

Preparing Ourselves For The Cycle

The Pisces New Moon of 2021, as such, is certain to have a lasting effect on our daily lives. It is suggested that you let yourself dream, be intuitive and have faith in your creativity. A bout of escapism might be well in order.

Either way, there is nothing to worry about because the cosmos has a way to help you keep in touch with earthly life. You will be confronted with opportunities, for the Moon is in a sextile with Pluto, the one that marks an unavoidable change.

This Pisces New Moon is a pause. It will not last very long before you have to brave the ferocity of life with Aries being the home for Venus and the Sun. However, you should enjoy the break while it is here as much as you can and, most importantly, find rejuvenation.

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