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8 Things People Struggling With Anxiety Don’t Wanna Hear From You. #6 Destroys Them

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Anxiety is something that is fairly common but the problem is that most of us don’t know how to help someone who is struggling with anxiety.

Here are 8 things that you should just NEVER say to someone who is struggling with anxiety:

1. Show some gratitude:

Don’t tell a person with anxiety to be grateful for things in their life. It is not like they are ungrateful and when you say that they might feel judged. All that they are seeking is help and support, not judgment.

2. You should do things this way…:

Well, you must not tell the person suffering with anxiety how they should live or think or feel, anything. Let them take their own decisions; just ask them what would make them feel better.

3. It’s going to be alright, it’s just a rough patch:

Seriously, don’t. It is the most generic and the most redundant piece of advice that you can give to someone. It doesn’t help them at all.

4. Why can’t you just be happy:

If you tell a person with anxiety that all that they should do is just be happy, the thing is that they already know that. It is difficult for them to be happy that easily. That’s exactly what they are dealing with.

5. Is there anything to really be anxious about:

Don’t reduce their issues by saying what they have to be anxious about! They aren’t going through first world problems or something.

6. It’s not real; it’s all in your head:

Yes, anxiety is a psychological issue and they may be thinking things in their head but when you tell this to someone who is anxious, they will feel that they cannot win over this problem. This will not help them in anyway whatsoever.

7. People have much bigger issues: 

Oh! This is such a bad thing to say. You are again making them feel small and privileged and that’s not fair. All of us have our own set of problems and we have to deal with them.

8. You always play victim:

Well, this will make them feel as if they are victimizing themselves and trying to seek your attention, as if they don’t already feel bad enough about themselves. That’s not good at all.

Try to help a person who has anxiety by talking to them about it and calming them down. Be there for them, most of the time that’s the only thing they want from you!   

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