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Cancer New Moon Rising July 9th/10th: Old Wounds & Healing

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by Conscious Reminder

From the 9th to 10th July, the next lunar cycle will start, and the first one is the Cancer New Moon.

The new cycle’s start will be a time of respite from the energy of the Eclipse. It also stands for the starting steps of the new road laid by the Eclipse.

Eclipses are effective portals for rebirth. They try to guide us towards a higher consciousness by shaking up our lives. This new path that the Eclipse has prepared has arrived. The New Moon of this July is the starting stage of the new journey.

So while embarking on this journey, the Cancer New Moon will also be the perfect time to decide on what is embodied by ourselves. So think of the energies you want to call inside. Also, think of how you will find your way through the new chapter.

Close your eyes for a moment and visualize which energies you want to carry, imprint, and embrace on the new path. Imagine them flowing through the body and into the depths of the ground. This New Moon’s Cancerian energy can be a guide as well. It can show us the way in the new path’s early stages.

The Significance Of Cancer

The crab rules Cancer. The crab represents nurture and compassion. At the same time, it is also fearlessly protective and loyal. The crab’s tough shell signifies the ability to keep itself and its loved ones protected. The softness on the inside indicates a caring heart that often motivates the crab. Try to balance the hard boundaries and the soft heart to feel protected and safe.

The home of the crab is also carried on the crab’s back. This stands for its desire for security and safety. Under the energies of the New Moon, we should also try thinking of how to feel “at home” and secure our current location. The feeling of homeliness is actually about acceptance. The feeling has to do with accepting our current location, regardless of feeling fearful, challenged, or apprehensive of the future.

Use these energies of the New Moon of July to figure out ways of embracing this homeliness feeling within yourself. Your objective is to move to a peaceful and loving state in both the outer and inner worlds.

Of the tools that will be especially effective for the Cancer New Moon of July, practicing self-care is most important. Practice a radical self-care method that will include standing up and being gentle towards yourself. You can also try setting boundaries as well as shifting to a compassionate place.

Other New Moon Energies To Keep In Mind

However, this New Moon has other notable energies as well which are not sensitive and beautiful. The July New Moon will continue to be a source of T-Square energies. T-Square refers to a configuration involving three planets. This time, these will be Uranus, Mars, and Saturn.

T-Squares have a tendency to inspire action. But this action can be produced from being cornered or frustrated. These energies can also make us trigger an endpoint. This will force us to finally step up to change the ways. Although they can be triggering, T-square energies can also result in immense breakthroughs.

If this T-square energy is felt during this New Moon, give a thought to the ways of connecting with the warrior inside you who is fearless. You might find it helpful to think about leading with love and not fear.

Another active energy for the period is Chiron. Also called the healer that is wounded, it is believed to stand for the bridge connecting two consciousness states. As such, the supportive, gentler energy will heal and ease the pain around past wounds.

In Conclusion

July’s Cancer New Moon will be welcomed after the intense past few lunar cycles. It might cause old wounds to be triggered or some tension. However, it will also offer breakthroughs in healing. It will inspire us to break through our fears while leading with love.

Regardless of the New Moon energies that you feel, keep in mind that homeliness regarding the new path will support your flow during the lunar cycle.

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