Karmic Conflict Vs. Karmic Debt: What’s The Mysterious Connection

by Conscious Reminder

There are both positive and negative aspects present in karmic relationships. Karmic conflict usually takes place between the souls who do not resolve and keep their karmic debt unpaid.

Karmic relationships are known to be categorized as a positive feature that has some negative characteristics within. Souls typically incarnate in several batches called ‘soul groups’.

These groups help one another learn lessons from the school of Earth. Soul groups also greatly assist in growing and evolving individually and as communities.

Define Karmic Conflict & Karmic Debt

Every relationship with a karmic presence has the ability to become a blessing to us that has healing powers. On the other hand, some karmic relationships are embroiled in karmic debts and might continue in another life where these issues repeatedly re-emerge.

Such relationships are known as karmic conflicts existing between the 2 karmic partners. These karmic people fail to learn the lesson from their previous existence and do not evolve.

Karmic souls and enemies with productive affinity will certainly cross paths during the next lifetime. Such meetings ensure that the earlier situations of compromise get resolved and the energetic block is removed. Subsequently, they open the path to new journeys and usher in spiritual evolution.

Releasing the disheveled karmic bond makes it possible for the souls to surround themselves with progressive energy and prevent the revival of previous wounds. From there on the soul attain dharmic liberation and renewed boost for forthcoming challenges.

Like-minded spirits already enter our lives in order to offer mutual help. They strengthen shared friendship existing from previous incarnational experiences, and a true endowment of power. Such relationships have the ability to last for several centuries.

Identify Karmic Conflict

Most often karmic conflict lies in close affinity to us and may even exist within our own family or intimate friends’ group. They typically appear in our life to mend things.

This relationship overcomes past issues and conflicts with a different perspective and brings positivity. For instance, if we share a problematic relationship with a person close to us, that person is the ‘karmic enemy’ in our life.

Even if this enemy might not be very close to us, they may strangely be familiar owing to the karmic encounter. Years of experience reveal the difficulty in overcoming the disagreements and differences with spiritual enemies.

They can be time-consuming, painful, and challenging. However, it is of utmost importance to resolve and heal the karmic knots to obtain spiritual enrichment and progress.

Ways To Overcome Karmic Conflicts

We must maintain a consistent and positive attitude while facing karmic conflicts. Forgiveness is the key to move ahead and remove karmic obstacles.

These will help us establish a new vibrational pattern of energy with a respectful and peaceful exchange. Such a behavioral template will create an amicable and pondered coexistence. With time, this transforms into karmic healing and release.

In case we are not able to attain such results, we must dedicate and try to gain some form of mitigation. We must continue striving for positive healing by eradicating the obstructions and difficulties. It is crucial for us to keep improving ourselves and open our hearts to karmic restoration.

Key Karmic Facts

Karmic debts usually take an aggressive form according to universal primordial laws. It takes place when a person takes actions that are contrary to the traditional Universal Laws. Moreover, karmic acts contract if an individual commits acts against the sacred and spiritual commandments.

As a result, we must first accept the additional burden and assimilate it into our present life to repair such errors. Kabbalistic Numerology and our own evolutionary history suggest we are usually born on our ‘karmic day’.  This further brings problems in our life and we eventually contract Karmic debt.

13, 14, 16, and 19 are commonly known karmic days. These numbers provide a way to relieve our karmic debts and achieve healing and resolution in the current existence. 42

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