Understanding Aura And The 7 Subtle Bodies

by Conscious Reminder

The physical body has animated energy that is known as the ‘aura’. Our corporeal body is engulfed by an ovoid that consists of 7 layers.

This is the extent of our auric field. Every layer of the auric field is intertwined with each other which allows close interactions.

The 7 bands of this auric field are further divided into 2 planes namely the spiritual and the physical. In addition, the auric field comprises 3 physical planes including the Psychological Body, Emotional Body, and Etheric Body. Moreover, our Astral Body acts as a bridge between the spiritual level and the physical body within the auric field.

Furthermore, the auric field comprises 3 spiritual levels which are the Ketheric Body, Celestial Body, and Etheric Spiritual Body. These varying levels of the auric field are often known as harmonics. This is mainly owing to the colors emitted. Every layer is a body in the auric field and it is alive and real just like our physical body.

Etheric Body (Skin To 1 Inch Distance From Skin)

This layer is proof that a person exists and is intimately connected with life. It also symbolizes stability, safety, and security. People with a strong 1st level will certainly have an extremely healthy and strong physical body. They are able to enjoy physical pleasurable sensations.

Emotional Body (3 Inches Distance From Skin)

This level allows the flow of natural feelings since it is associated with emotions regarding themselves. All energy movements correlate to a specific feeling about one’s self.

Mental Body (3-8 Inches Distance From Skin)

This 3rd level is related to our rational or mental world. The structural lines are extremely delicate like a thin, fine veil. The energy lines are lemon-yellow colored and pulsate at high rates. The light lines are bright and the energy flows correspond with various mental processes.

Our intuitive and rational mind is able to work in harmony only if this level is healthy and balanced. We experience a sense of clarity and appropriateness. We feel safe and self-embracing if the first 3 levels are synchronized.

Astral Body (6-12 Inches Distance From Skin)

This level of auric field resonates with our world of feelings and relationships with others. From this stage onwards, we are enabled to interact and communicate with other humans, plants, animals, inanimate objects, our planet, our outer planetary body, and the entire universe at large. The energy in the 4th level extends across many rooms.

Etheric Spiritual Body (18-24 Inches Distance From Skin)

The 5th level is the divine will that is potent with energy. The patterns correspond with the universal pattern. This divine will give us a purpose and synchronizes our existence with purpose and place. This makes us feel connected and powerful.

Celestial Body (24-23 inches Distance from Skin)

Our 6th auric level appears as beautiful light-radiating streamers. The bright rays spread in every direction and extend to almost 2 and a half feet away from our body. This level also consists of all the colors present in the rainbow but in glittering and pearly tones.

This level is unstructured and has an acutely high frequency. The feelings in this level represent our spiritual world as well as divine love. While we reside in this 6th level, we feel a conscious awareness that greatly calms our spirit and heals our physical body. The Spirituality also vibrates an ecstasy that translates into spiritual love, bliss, elation, and pure joy.

Ketheric Body (32-48 Inches Distance From Skin)

The 7th level of the auric field symbolizes healthy energy. It is composed of beautiful and very potent golden energy lines. This light emits a high-frequency light. They are also intertwined and create all the corporal components of our physical body.

This level also produces the golden egg which surrounds and safeguards all present inside it. The level regulates the accurate flow of energy from the aura to space and stops energy leakage outside the field. Additionally, it also prevents the penetration of unhealthy energy. This level holds all the fields together.

Keep a positive mindset and a healthy body. This will naturally result in a clean and balanced auric field around you. This will further have a positive impact on others around you.

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