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Helping Lost Souls And Earthbound Souls

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When a soul has left the physical body 90 hours after death and still lingers around the physical earthly realm, we term such souls as discarnates.

There are many reasons why these souls do not return to the spiritual realms they should go, some of the reasons are as follows:

1) Awareness – These souls do not know what they are doing or are unaware that they are already dead (remember Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense). Usually we can use SRT and ask High Self to assist in sending them to their rightful place.

2) Attachment – They can also be attached to certain people such as their loved ones, or addicted to earthly pleasures such as alcohol and substance abuse.

For instance, discarnates with alcohol addiction usually hang around places with similar energies like pubs or night spots. For alcoholics, there usually are openings in their aura which discarnates use to imbibe the alcohol vicariously. This gives rise to a situation termed as discarnates in aura.

It is akin to feeding energy off another. I have met many a client who have had infinite openings in their aura and are addicted to alcohol too. Not only limited to alcohol abuse, any form of extreme behaviour or addiction can invite the discarnates with similar pattern into their energy field. This is because they are attracted to what they need; a form of possession takes place when discarnates influence the victim to be increasingly addicted to that particular extreme behaviour. That is one of the reasons why some people have difficulty changing an extreme behaviour or breaking an addiction.

For such cases, we can ask High Self to clear the addictions, clear the discarnates and the host. It could be the case where the discarnate has an attachment programme or the host having the programme to attract discarnates. It is imperative to clear all programmes for both parties and help the discarnates to return to their right and perfect place.

3) Discordant Energies – Misplaced souls still holding on to strong discordant energies like anger, injustice and deep fear etc.

It is also a form of attachment when the soul cannot let go of certain belief, judgement and is stuck in a certain form of limited mindset. What we do is to clear their programmes, research what energies they are persistently holding on to by using the SRT Charts, and then ask High-Self /Angels to educate the souls and send them to their right and perfect place.

Years back, one of my psychic friend visiting Lightworks told me there was an “old lady ” around the premises. Hence, I did a check and yes, it was indeed true. I proceeded to ask High Self if it was okay to send the soul to her right and perfect place. High Self’s reply was yes, but the clearing did not hold, so I asked again if there was any reason why she was not not leaving? Upon further research, High Self directed me to Chart 6A for a list of discordant energies. I found out that there were energies of moodiness, unhappiness, intolerances and fear. Hence, I cleared the discordant energies and sent the spirit on her rightful way. In my period of discovery, High Self also revealed to me that the spirit had been around for nine years.

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