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10 Levels Of Empaths: Which One Are You?

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By Conscious Reminder

Empaths are those who have the power to sense and feel the emotions of those around them.

These Highly Sensitive People can often physically feel the emotions of others, and it takes a toll on them frequently.

There are 10 levels of being an empath, and here’s what you need to know about each:

1. Animal Communication – Many empaths can communicate with animals and are able to feel, hear, and often converse with them.

2. Emotional Healing – This is the empathic ability to feel the emotions of the people around you.

3. Claircognizance – Claircognizance is the empathic ability to understand what should be done in any given circumstance. Claircognizant empaths often feel calm and peaceful in the midst of chaos because they know what is coming next.

4. Geomancy – Geomancers have the ability to feel the energy of the land and the earth. They can read the energy the earth gives off, the Ley lines. Geomancer empaths usually feel anxious, get headaches, and other physical symptoms when earthquakes and other natural disasters occur. They can feel it even if the disturbance is occurring on the other end of the planet.

5. Mediumship – Mediums are the empaths who can feel the energy and presence of spirits. They can easily establish communication with them.

6. Nature – Nature empaths can read the energies of nature and plants. They feel their emotions and communicate with them too.

7. Physical Healing – Physical empaths can feel the physical pain of others. They usually manage to heal or transmute the pain.

8. Precognition – Precognition is the empathic ability to sense when an important incident is about to take place. This is usually manifested as an inexplicable sense of doom.

9. Psychometry – Psychometry is the ability of empaths to receive and understand the energy, impression, and information inanimate objects give off. It can be places, objects, and even photographs.

10. Telepathy – Telepathic empaths can read what other people around them are thinking.

Psychic traits are often accompanied by the ability to heal. Empaths not only feel the energies but also help in healing them.

This is why most empaths choose career paths in the healing arts. It can be healthcare, counseling, or working with plants, animals, and children in any capacity.

Figure out which of these levels resonate the most with your abilities. That will show you where you need to channel your healing abilities.

Keep a positive outlook on your psychic abilities as an empath, and you will find fulfillment in whatever you do. The happier and at peace you are, the less the negative energies of others will affect you.

If you struggle with anxiety, you can try meditation. Empaths need to practice grounding and protect their aura. Visualize a white light surrounding you and protecting you from the energy vampires.

If this white layer is not enough, image a rainbow of layers. Stay connected to the earth and find inner balance. When you feel stable and secure from within, it is easier to find peace.

As an empath, you can receive energy and also share your healing energy. If you find yourself in difficult situations, it is because you have the power to improve it. If you want to become a healer, use your intention wisely.

When receiving energies from others, reverse the polarity of the energies and send out the positivity. One way to do this is to imagine a sun above your head. See the light coming down into your heart and then to your hands. Now, with your will and positive intentions, send out that light to shine on the world.

Even if the current situation feels overwhelming, remember that you have the power to change your future. Use the powers you have been blessed with and you can create your happy future.

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