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Buckle Up! Today’s Leo New Moon Is Bringing Unexpected Changes 

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon is scheduled to occur between 22nd July and 22nd August tentatively.

This lunar event will take place in Leo and create a tense square with Uranus that will bring shocking changes.

We must prepare to experience both luxury and drama along with the possibility of turning ambitious goals into a reality.

Every person will receive a boost of confidence to tackle curveballs and feel self-assured. This Lion moon in August will unfold at almost 16 degrees on 8th August, Sunday at nearly 9:49 a.m.

Meaning Of New Moons 

New Moons are the opposite of the full moon. They appear once the moon does not receive light from the Sun as visible from the vantage point of view of Earth. This makes it hauntingly beautiful, dark, and full of mystery in the sky.

Overall, all New Moons seem to be a chance for us to get clarity regarding our bigger dreams, goals, and projects in life.

Even though the energy is positive, we can also boost it by getting help from a close person or a therapist. We can also try keeping journal records, practicing rituals, or indulge ina incense therapy.

Each New Moon ushers a new chapter that may reach its peak after corresponding with a full moon occurring in the very same zodiac sign. This Lion New Moon will culminate once the full moon unfolds in Leo on 16th February 2022.

On the other hand, we can start getting the answers to the questions we have been looking for after 2 weeks of the corresponding full moon month. As a result, the period of 22nd August will act as a check-in point.

2021 August New Moon Themes

As we all know, Leo is represented by the royal Lion and ruled by a confident and luminous Sun in the 5th house of self-expression and romance. Leo humans are usually ambitious, focused, and have great leadership qualities with a practical mind.

They are always concentrated on their work and very loyal towards the people they are close to. At times, they can also become egoistic and inflexible that might emerge during this Lion New Moon.

This Leo moon is solely focused on activating the Uranus square that is bound to bring unexpected transformations.

At present, it is in quarters with Taurus and the rebellious Uranus will incite changes that may make us emotional. Despite shake-ups, there will be beneficial breakthroughs and inventive ideas, bringing success.

Additional Details 

Leo also has the messenger Mercury traveling opposite Jupiter which is in Aquarius. This has the potential of making communication more lively and grandiose yet overconfidence might bring more trouble than benefits. We must check our flashy and opinionated side.

Venus will also be present and move opposite Neptune that will invite delusion and confusion in matters of finance, relationships, and beauty.

We can also experience obsession and passion since Venus will trine Pluto that will be an intense configuration. In addition, we might also feel the energy of Saturn that is very close to the Sun and brings frustrating vibes.


We must keep in mind that this Leo New Moon is not very conducive to our intentions. We should certainly welcome successes but remain alert of any undue changes that may cause long-term damages.

This lunar event definitely has a lot of pent-up energy that can be optimally utilized but it tends to be more messy and restless so far.

There are many significant and strong cosmic alignments but we can happily get through this phase if we can manage to remain grounded and cautious.

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