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Compromising Your Self-Worth Is Not The Way To Please Others

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by Conscious Reminder

Do you find people taking advantage of your kindness? Do you go out of your way just to please those around you?

If they truly cared for you, they would not ask so much of you in the first place. So learn to recognize the ones who take unfair advantage of you. Stand up against them. Making yourself happy should be the primary aim for you. The rest comes later.

Live Your Life

Most of us try to go out of our way to help those in need. Yes, helping others is great but not at the cost of your self-worth! Remember to defend yourself when someone tries to trample over you.

Your kindness should not be taken for granted. Live your life for yourself first. Only when you are happy can you make others happy. Don’t spend the blessing of life on others.

Your Needs Matter

You know your strengths and what you are worth. Ignore others and do what is best for the self. Pleasing others should not mean sacrificing your own needs.

Take your stand against those who restrict your imaginative self. Be free and explore. You can be there for others later.

Believe In Yourself

No one knows you better than you yourself. You must be genuine with your feelings and expressions. When you feel things are not quite right, have the guts to stand up for yourself.

No one else will. If you feel something is disturbing you, take time off and introspect. You will feel better when you know the cause of your troubles.

Don’t Upset Yourself To Make Others Happy

You have the choice to either let others treat you like a doormat or stand up against their poison. Don’t let others force you into doing things. Value your well-being over others and their happiness.

Compromising your self-worth might make them happy temporarily but then their greed would only increase. So it’s best to nip it in the bud and stand up for yourself at the first sign of trouble.

Put Yourself First

Life has ups and downs for all of us. But often the people experiencing their downs try to bring others to their level of suffering as well. Beware of such people. They will manipulate you in such a way that in the end, you’ll blame yourself for leaving them.

But the fact is they themselves created the toxic situation which you had to leave. Turn to positivity and heal yourself. Put yourself first, be happy, and then go ahead with helping others. But never at the cost of your self-worth.

At the end of the day, you only have yourself to fall back upon. You are precious so don’t let others rob you of your beauty. Let go of any and all relationships and friendships which are toxic.

If they don’t help you reach your fullest potential, what is the use of their presence in your life? You have to put yourself first and not compromise your self-worth to help the unworthy.

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