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Surprisingly Powerful Pluto Retrograde Will Push You To Face Your Shadow Self

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by Conscious Reminder

Though Pluto is a ‘Dwarf Planet’ as per astronomy, it is an important body in astrology. Since the planet is ruled by Scorpio, it is all set to bring about a transformation.

And this time, when Pluto goes retrograde, the transformation will be massive – something we haven’t seen for 500 years. Prepare to see yourself changed.

The Pluto retrograde begins on 24th April and it is going to last long. Pluto tends to spend about half of the year in retrograde so, you will feel its effect till 3rd October. But Pluto is not like Mercury – it does not turn your life upside down when it goes retrograde. But it does bring your shadow self out in the open.

Mercury retrograde effects can be felt externally, like troubles with communication, but for Pluto, the energy goes deep into our subconscious.

We will be plunged into the dark oceans of our inner selves, where we must swim through, fight the dragon that impedes us, and push forward to grow internally. Blockades to our personal growth will be removed during this retrograde.

While it sounds tumultuous, it really isn’t for the ones who are at peace with their inner selves. As for the others, well – if you did not deal with your darkness before, then this time will be quite a ride.

Confront your inner demons, resolve a past issue, go through healing – somehow deal with your problems instead of running away from it. Pluto will make you deal with it or it will come after you, haunting every bit of your life.

When Pluto Enters Capricorn

Pluto brings about our rebirth, but there couldn’t be any rebirth unless there is a death attached to it. Pluto helps us to move forward by burning the bridges of the past. The planet is a very spiritual one – it helps us to come in terms with our authenticity and discover our inner strengths. We are made capable to do our best.

During this retrograde period, Pluto will be taking a long rest. It will help us be more reflective as we dive deep within ourselves and collect bits and pieces of our broken parts and join them as a whole. It is time for us to look at our future and think of how we are getting transformed in the process.

Sometimes, society dictates our roles and programs us in a certain way. This limits us, boxes us into packages which do not really define us. It makes us not who we are, but who we are meant to be according to society.

In Capricorn, Saturn and Pluto are coming in conjunction – a very rare alignment that happened back in the year 1518. It is already showing its effect on the planet too. Climate change is a major issue and we are now slowly taking steps towards it.

This conjunction also puts us and society in a communion – it shows us that we are part of the society too and every step we take has an effect on it.

It means that now, we can’t just escape society or societal responsibility by saying ‘It’s someone else’s job’. Now, we have to pull up our socks and work for society as a whole. Climate change or pollution is very real and many governments are trying to phase out single-use plastic to tackle it.

Companies are taking responsibility to tackle the growing plastic pollution of this world. Now, it is time for us to bring about a change if we really want this wonderful planet to survive for the generations to come.

Be one with your inner self and take personal responsibility. Personal growth is just around the corner.

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