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This Is How The Leo New Moon Will Affect The Zodiacs This Week

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by Conscious Reminder

The influence of the New Moon in Leo will be present throughout the week. 

Leo feels alive when the eyes are on you and you sparkle. The sign stands for creativity and passion so it wants you to take the spotlight and perform. This means the Leo New Moon is a powerful time for waking up the senses.


It’s time for a rendezvous – do whatever you want during it. The energy for romance is bursting at the seams, so use it. You might be worrying about seriously committing to a relationship. And what you have put into it may be keeping you from having some fun. But it is alright if you take a taste test of everything on offer


You will have the chance to say whatever is on your mind. It can be a situation where you are working from home. This may enable you to speak your opinion out loud and turn up the dial. Try to avoid getting stuck in insecurities from your childhood.


The New Moon in Leo is going to center around playing with aesthetics. So try to imagine how you can produce that perfect look. Search through the closet, and take out that dress that has not been worn in some time. Or maybe shoes that you have always felt insecure to wear outside.


Are you prepared for getting great gifts? The Leo Moon is activating the house of values. This means money is going to appear in life. Be prepared to accept new opportunities. You can be blessed in unimaginable ways. However, it might be necessary to spend money before you make money. So remember to budget.


Happy birthday season, Leo! The New Moon is here to help your awakening. The world might be very depressing right now because of the pandemic. But on 8th August, dress yourself up as much as you can. Your dress on the day will push you towards the person you want to be in the future.


Pay special attention to any songs that crop up in your mind during this time. Even more so, if they sound relevant to what you are experiencing at the moment. For example, you might be remembering “Say So” while flirting with a friend. You can understand your mind better through the songs that come up.


Think back to when you last wished for something. The Leo Moon will have the power to link you up with those who can fulfill that wish. Let the heart talk. Dreaming big will not hurt, so let that imagination fly high.


You will be getting a much-deserved boost in your career. If you have been worried about the lack of movement, then change is coming. Try to digitally get out there – this is one of the best days for sending out project proposals and resumes.


The comfort zone might feel amazing, but you will be blessed by the universe if you break out. Go on a trip spontaneously with your camera. The Leo Moon will have everything to do with having more pride.


This is a great time for sharing. Your hard work will let you gather plentiful resources. So spend this time being charitable. Of course, everything you give will be returned tenfold. Let go of expectations, and accept the spotlight.


Connect with the friends closest to you, even if it is through a screen. You will be helped on the next adventure by the time you spend with them. You need new experiences right now. People will notice you if you dress appropriately.


Your mind may have been the greatest enemy this past few months. Not only are the times hard, but your sign’s ruler Neptune is also retrograde. The Leo New Moon is giving you the chance to find change in your routine. This will help the mind.

The bottom line is that it is time to be bold, backed by the creative inspiration of Leo.        

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