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5 Essential Crystals For Every Avid Traveler

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by Conscious Reminder

We have been locked up inside our homes for a long time now. Unsurprisingly a lot of us are itching to travel, be it far for long vacations or a day-long road trip.

Apart from your favorite compulsory item for travel. Crystals can also make amazing travel companions too. Crystals are powerful sources of protection, optimism, and keeping you open regarding new experiences.

But remember to keep in mind the intention behind the trip – like if you are traveling for health, or to pick up the mood, etc. There’s a different crystal for each purpose. Nevertheless, here are the 5 gems for wanderlust.

1. Crazy Lace Agate

This gem helps you take in the present moment to the fullest. It makes you feel secure and safe. The circular energy from the gem’s swirling patterns stimulates the body and mind.

Our nomadic predecessors had found that this agate prevented traveling accidents. They are also known for orienting the mind and strengthening the body.

2. Cordierite (Iolite)

Also called cordierite, this gem provides guidance and clarity as you voyage through life. These were used by Vikings to “see” the voyage before setting sail.

Iolite directs you towards understanding the true desires of your heart. It also helps you see the things lying ahead, so you can plan better.

3. Black Kyanite

This crystal’s power lies in energizing, grounding, protecting, and clearing. The Chakra of the Earth Star is activated by this gem. No other stone can cleanse other stones’ negative energies.

It increases awareness of other dimensions, helping you communicate and access memories of your past life. You can get a clear depiction of where the soul needs retrieval and healing.

4. Dream Amethyst

This crystal has everything to do with detoxifying, clearing, and healing. It deepens meditation, allowing you to connect with spirit guides and angels. It creates a shield around you while clearing the aura.

This protects you from all negative energies and psychic attacks. Most importantly, it reduces resistance towards change. It helps in getting some restful sleep, which might be in short supply while traveling.

5. Hessonite Garnet

This gem is called the stone of the traveler. For travelers, it introduces good relationships. Traditionally, it is also regarded as a wealth stone, known for bringing abundance and prosperity.

It reveals new opportunities for financial success by aligning you with successful energy frequencies. The Sacral Chakra resonates with it, activating the chakras on the lower side. As a result, unwanted influences are warded off from your field of energy.

Other Things To Keep In Mind While Traveling

Preparing for a trip can be very rushed, with many ends left loose. It can be beneficial to practice releasing any pent-up energy. Doing so will let you go on the trip cleansed and renewed. Charging and cleansing your crystals works in the same way.

While traveling, the crystals must be accessible to make use of their healing energies. You can use a bag for that, or just make accessories out of them. Boarding airplanes, though, can be a bit tricky.

Stones can be carried in your luggage separately. However, if you want to have them on you then show them to security beforehand, to avoid any unnecessary alarms. Cruise ships, trains, and traveling by road do not have any such concerns.

After your travel is over, and you arrive at the destination, make sure to thank the crystals for the safe journey. Then bathe them in the light of a full moon to cleanse and recharge them.

In the end, make sure to have them close so that their energies are available whenever needed.

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