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Allow Your Shadows To See The Light Of The Day

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by Conscious Reminder

Most teachers of the law of attraction warn us to keep our focus on things we want from our lives. Everything else, like past fears and disappointments, can be given up to the light.

It is wise to not get focused on the past. Focusing on them, or having too strong an attachment with them increase the vibrations associated with them. This is why many teachings on spirituality consider non-attachment to be one of the key parts.

But, shadow work has the power to help us move towards the life that we dream for ourselves. Shadow work is a tool for personal growth. It involves looking at some stories from our past which are usually hidden in the subconscious.

It involves constructively working with the deepest fears as well as the most limiting beliefs. Simply put, it means to light up the shadows with your attention.

The Significance Of Shadow Work

The effectiveness of shadow work is better when it is focused on a part of life that has not changed much even after consistently practicing the law of attraction. Regardless of what is being done, you just can’t keep negative thoughts away. This frustrates you.

A channeled entity that is not physical named Seth advises us to ask why negative thoughts keep coming up. Then, use the answer like a bridge, letting the involved emotions happen. Honestly doing so, despondent feelings will change by themselves and vanish.

In shadow work, the latter part is especially important. Just being aware of the shadowy emotions, even for a short time, reduces how much they impact you.

Shadow work can be done through several tools such as EFT (or tapping), journaling, and contemplative thought. Instead of diving deep into the tales, you are telling yourself, try looking from a distance, and letting them fade. Gradually replace them by focusing on your goals and dreams.

You do not have to blame or shame anything while uncovering the shadow side. These parts of the psyche want only one thing: to have your attention. Once you acknowledge them, it will be easy to let them reintegrate.

After that, you will notice that you have more power personally to give to chasing down the dreams you cherish the most.

Look at the shadows, and offer them acceptance and love without any conditions. Similar to how angels and guides do to you. After that, move on.

Acknowledging your feelings of lower vibrations lets them dissipate quicker. Light up your shadows. An area that was once tricky may free up, finally letting your dream come true.

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