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Uranus Retrograde Is Here To Inspire The Zodiac Signs To Follow Their Own Path

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by Conscious Reminder

The time has arrived to accept all the recent life changes. On 19th August, Uranus retrograde will start. It will last till 18th January next year.

Unlike the infamy of some other planetary retrogrades, Uranus retrograde is much subtler. It will help us in processing life changes and making our thought process more innovation-oriented. This will be the final chance to leave behind all the outdated traditions and build a new, unconventional future.


You may notice a shift in your relationship with material possessions, including money. There might have been some unforeseen financial changes as well recently. Use the Uranus retrograde to get ready for success. Spread out your investments, and be on the lookout for sudden epiphanies about the things you value.


Even though you usually prefer predictability and stability, the Uranus retrograde is bringing a rebellious spark. It will make it easier to loosen the grip on life. Work on accepting your authentic nature with all your nature, even if that needs you to break some rules.


Your side of spirituality is all lit up by the Uranus retrograde. So set aside time for sitting silently and taking in all that your intuition is receiving. The themes of dreams will be important and expect some psychic visions. These might result in unexpected realizations.


The relationship you have with your friends and your group may be shifting lately. This is the time to take a proper look at where everything stands. You may find new groups offering you more exciting opportunities. Embrace all such changes.


Uranus is moving through your chart’s career sector, so you have been swarmed by sudden and unexpected developments at your work. This retrograde is the time to look back on the choices you took to be where you are, and then make the most of them.


You are usually practical. But the Uranus Retrograde will ask for more of a risk-taking attitude. You are currently in the middle of finding unique interests. Your belief system is evolving as well. A spontaneous trip might be what is needed.


You are having an interesting time when it comes to personal entanglements and your resources. This retrograde can produce some unexpected windfalls too. It might also give you the chance to finally resolve some loose ends financially.


Your relationships are shifting right now. So it might be time for some exploration into unconventional dynamics. This is your opportunity to analyze where relationships stand and figure out the rules needed.


Uranus is moving through your chart’s routine sector. So, unlike your usual spontaneity, you might be fitting into a new daily routine. This retrograde will be the time to introduce some new ways of going about your daily grind.


You are probably experiencing a period of super-creativity right now. So expect insightful flashes. The Uranus retrograde will allow you to look at past ideas once more. And to find methods to apply them innovatively in the future. This energy can influence love life as well.


You might be having trouble finding stability right now. Uranus is the planet that rules your sign and it is retrograding through your chart’s homely sector. There may be some unexpected repairs coming up.


You are finding out new ways of expressing yourself and exploring unconventional mental pursuits. This retrograde will help you figure the meaningful ones. You might be preferring your own company more than anyone else’s right now, so feel free to do so.

Uranus supports progressive and rebellious thoughts. Thus, it wants us to follow our own rules. To do so, an accepting mind which is free of restricting beliefs would be beneficial.

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