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Zodiac Signs Who Will Face Most Difficulty During Today’s New Moon In Sagittarius

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by Conscious Reminder

December 7th, which falls on a Friday, would see a new moon around 15 degrees Sagittarius. Due to this complex arrangement of the zodiac, most of the signs would find themselves highly irritated.

Interestingly, new moons usually lead to positivity all around, but as this particular new moon is occurring amidst the Mars-Neptune conjunction, tempers would be frayed.

Most of us will be irritable and some are going to be downright nasty. The trick is to keep your cool and not panic. For this too shall pass!

The zodiacs which could be most affected are:


This new moon will have you fighting through all and sundry. Being an Aries, you already have an inherent knack of doling out really harsh words on people around you. And when you feel cornered in a situation with no possible escape routes you are going to explode.

Don’t let tension and panic bring you down. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but not words. Also, people around you might be going through something worse; about which you have no idea. Stay calm.


You are simply tired of being a pushover and we feel you. But this new moon will be affecting you in a harmful way, to say the least. It is also important to note that the way you are planning your grand showdown is not going to be what you expect it to be.

Don’t let others get to you. If you have any energy left in you, why not let it simmer and use it for your own mental sanity?


The upcoming new moon will make life completely topsy-turvy for you. While you may be busy thinking that your actions are going to have good consequences, it might not happen that way.

Don’t bring in people to help you out, for too many cooks will spoil the broth. Also, this new moon will already be suctioning a lot of your energy, so no point trying to bring in people who would add to that.


Stop underestimating yourself. Stop wallowing in self-pity and think forward. Don’t sink into the quicksand of the past and involve yourself in preparing for the future.

This new moon would also be bringing forth sexual frustration that would be too hard for you to shake off. Remember that this period won’t solve anything, but if you don’t start working for it, nothing will ever happen.


Asking for help will never make you weak, especially when you need it. While you are not someone who portrays themselves as vulnerable and weak, this new moon would affect you differently.

You would feel all the doors closing in, with no road left to get out. Don’t stop yourself and do not let depression engulf you. Ask for help; seek help, anything that will get you out of this problem! For what matters, in the end, is your well-being.

Don’t worry. This new moon will pass, leaving you better than you were previously. It is going to make you more self-sufficient.


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