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Harness The Current Intense Energies With This Capricorn Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Ritual

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by Conscious Reminder

The most transformative period of 2019 is the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn Full Moon which will be on 16th July. Letting go, releasing, and closure are the focus of the Capricorn Eclipse. Past pains and fears will be rinsed by the energies of this Eclipse.

The Eclipse will be intense and the energies will be entwined with your own energies. There will be awakenings and revelations, which will bring with them tears, anxiety, and healing. To survive this intense energy period, we have a ritual for you here.

Capricorn Full Moon Ritual for July Lunar Eclipse 2019

WHEN: 11/07/2019 – 29/07/2019

Practice this ritual once during this time period.


1. Cleansing tool: incenses or smudge sticks

2. Pen and paper

3. 3 candles

4. Bowl of water

5. 3-4 handfuls of uncooked grain/rice/beans/dried herbs

6. Any essential oil

7. A glassful of drinking water


1. Stretch the body for 10minutes. Loosen out your limbs and try to get rid of knots in the body with light jumping and yoga poses.

2. Once relaxed, put the candles in a triangular configuration and place the bowl full of water in the center. Light the candle.

3. Stand, light your cleansing tool, and cleanse your aura as well as your surroundings, including the ritual ingredients. You can recite a mantra to help you concentrate and strengthen the process. You can speak out how you are willing to let go of unnecessary fears and weights and repeat that you are love yourself and you are cleansed.

4.  Sit and meditate before the candles for 10minutes.

5. After meditating, take up the bowl of grain or rice. Think of the things you want to release. Speak out loud what you want to release and throw the rice into the water bowl in the center of the candle triangle. Repeat for 5 times or till the grain is finished. The grain here is acting as a conduit for the things you are releasing.

6.  Next, take the paper and rip into 3 pieces. On each strip write what you want closure from. You can repeat your desires from the grain ritual as well.

7. After writing, fold the strips. Take the first piece and hold before the first flame. Speak out how you are letting go of past things and then drop the paper in the water bowl.

Hold the second strip to the second flame and recite how you are ready to be moving ahead and drop the paper in water.

Holding the last piece to the third flame, say how this cycle ending brings new beginnings and you are ready for it. Drop the strip in water. Remember to be thankful to the Universe with your every recitation.

8. When the papers stop to burn, swirl the water anti-clockwise with your finger. With this, speak out your mind how you are prepared for the energies of the Universe to bring the necessary changes for you. Thank the Mother Moon for her guiding light and say that you trust the energies.

9. Drop a bit of the essential oil into the water to magnify the vibrations of the bowl. Taking 10 deep breaths, clear your mind and keep stirring the water clockwise.

10. After the 10 breaths, sit quietly and meditate.

11. To end the ritual, blow out the candles, and discard the ingredients in your garden. The goal is to give back the ingredients to the earth.

12.  Once done, hold the glass of water and charge the water with a recitation where you recognize how the water will nourish and cleanse your soul, and help your soul align.

Have a great Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

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