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These Are The Most & Least Affected Zodiac Signs By October’s New Moon

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The Libra season is in full effect now and the feelings are now supercharged, which will influence your relationships.

Your partner is currently in the spotlight and it will get concentrated during the new moon in October 2021. This lunation will make you feel exposed in your relationships with respect to your boundaries and needs.

Some of the zodiac signs will be affected by October’s new moon and it can lead to uncomfortable revelations in your work and routines.

The 4 Signs That Will Experience Intensity In October’s New Moon


This is the perfect time to invest in yourself. This new moon will bring loads of work and you might feel stuck in a routine. You need to make sure that these things shift in your favor instead of grinding you to burnout.

You need to look for the open door that will help you to improve your health and find a job that will not drain you. You need to make a proper plan and stick to it for regular progress. Go for extra self-care at this time.


This lunation will sparkle light in your house life so you might feel more sentimental than you usually would. The new moon will make you feel nostalgic, you will think about your family and spend time on domestic matters.

You need to think about the stability of your life as it can help you make some rearrangements in your home and add new houseware.


You might have been on the edge of being burnt out recently. This new moon will assist you to make up for all the shortcomings in the self-care department. It will help you take action and recharge your inner batteries.

This lunation is all about relaxation for you, so you should take a day off. You need to reset your energy levels and not be afraid to take a chance.


The new moon will bring some intense changes for you. Your hidden feelings will arise and you will see transformations, spiritually.

The Karma in your relationships will be bubbling up as you focus on the things you give and receive in the relation. This is an “open door” to change so you can be out of line to adjust certain things.

The 4 Signs That Will Experience Balance In October’s New Moon


The upcoming lunation surrounds pleasure and you will have it easy in this time. You will attract feelings of gratification so do not feel scared to indulge in it.

The new moon will be a new opening to find a new love or one that is deeper. This new moon must be a reason to explore self-expression and self- intimacy.


This is the best time for Libras. This lunation will cut a break for you from the cosmic drama and you will see your manifestations bear fruit.

You need to take big steps to create the life that you dream of. This is an open door for you, where you can mold your fantasy into reality.


This new moon will show you how much you are admired by your friends. You will have a great experience, unlike the other zodiac signs. It is the perfect time for you to have fun with your friends.

You need to stack your calendar with as many events as you can attend and use the power of the moon to fill your year with your friends. You need to plan a trip with your friends after the 18th of October, as Mercury will be direct.


This lunation will bring comfort to you as you will feel relaxed with your work life. Your professional life will be creating new tracks after the new moon. You need to rub your elbows with some VIPs and find ways to advance in your industry.

Elements of career growth like success, opportunities, and promotions will be present. You should not sign any contracts after the Mercury retrograde is over, which is on the 18th of October. 

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