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What Do Unicorns Represent? The Symbolism Behind This Mystical Creature

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by Conscious Reminder

The unicorn, which is probably the most marvelous and wondrous creature of all the other mystical creatures, is the symbol of miracles, magic, enchantment, innocence, and purity.

This enchanting and magical animal appears rarely, and it is able to bestow miracles, wisdom, and magic to the people that have their hearts pure and their deeds virtuous.

A faint and soft tinkling sound produced by shaking some tiny bells announces the unicorn’s presence. The sound can also be provided by tiny chimes rustling by a breeze.

As chimes and bells are the symbols of divinity’s presence, the sound which announces the unicorn’s nearness will make us understand that we are around a really high spiritual essence that has a boundless domain which encompasses all spirit and realms matter.

Killing a unicorn means destroying the divine incarnations of perfection, wonder, and purity. It would be a deed that will burden the person that commits this act with a huge karmic debt.

Unicorns are portrayed as white horses which have long, spiral-shaped, and straight horns protruding from their heads’ tops.

Unicorns contain three main symbols, and they are the white color, the horn, and the horse. The horse symbolizes movement and travel.

As unicorns are spiritual horses, they are able to travel, which means that they appear wherever, or whenever they want to; they are able to appear through different dimensions and realms.

The white color signifies purity, perfection, and innocence. White, which was said to be similar to the silver color when it comes to symbolism, represents the feminine and lunar aspects of instinct, receptivity, virginity, and intuition.

Virginity in the truest alchemical and metaphysical aspect also represents the untainted spirit and mind; in fact, it is the so-called Prima Materia or pure matter, and also the Prisca Sapientia or pristine wisdom or knowledge.

Because of this, the appearance of a unicorn would be a divine gift and a great honor. However, we have to remember that the only people that deserve a unicorn to appear in front of them would be those with pure hearts and virtuous deeds.

Unlike all the other animals with horns, unicorns are a creature with one horn, except for the rhinoceros.

Although the animals with two horns are symbolically connected to matter and duality realms, the single horn of unicorns will remind us that their single realm is the one of unity. This is the realm which exists and transcends beyond the duality and matter’s bounds.

The single horn symbolizes the repeating and endless time cycles. It is even symbolic of the sword. Because the sword is the symbol of mind, the horn of the unicorn will also symbolize the purity of reason and unity of thought.

The place from which this horn protrudes is the place where our crown chakra is located. This chakra is the border between different realms.

It even represents the highest possible level that the mind is able to attain, or it is also a spiritual gateway, leading to the higher divine consciousness and spirituality realms.

When portrayed in the forest, unicorns represent enchantment and purity amidst growth, rebirth, fertility, renewal, and birth. These are all the feminine essences.

However, when unicorns are depicted together with a lion, they are a symbol of the union of masculine and feminine aspects of people’s dual nature.

As we may see, unicorns have deep, magical and pure symbolism. Those that will experience the appearing of a unicorn to them should feel blessed.

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