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Don’t Look Back, Don’t Run After The Future. Live In The Present Moment

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Living in the present moment – it is a grand pursuit that every human being is going through. We all want to stop being haunted by the past and worry about the future.

We just want to live in the present, enjoy it and work in a way that will push you forward. Our increased consciousness has resulted in making us live more in the past or the future than in the now.

We think in abstract terms which affect us too. However, here are some of the ways in which you can fight off this process of thinking and start living in the present:

1. Becoming aware

Many people say that you just have to be attentive to be in the present. But that is not how human beings work. While we think toddlers have a short attention span, adults go through the same phase as well.

We tend to focus on multiple things, even though we might want to focus on just one thing. Well, the best way to go about it is by performing mindfulness exercises. Sit still and start meditating. Focus on your thoughts, slow your mind down and find the harmony present within yourself. Get rid of all the anxieties irritating your mind.

2. Perspective

Don’t look at the world with a narrow view. Rather, look at the larger picture. You might feel like going for a car repair is ruining your entire week, but think about how safe it would be afterward. Focus on the practicality of something.

Nurses, for example, are actually trained to deal with dying people in a way that they form genuine relationships from the first and talk about positive stuff, ignoring small talk. That’s how they keep things in perspective.

3. Little things matter

Sometimes, we tend to lose concentration because we are always focusing on the big stuff. We are trying to look at the grand prize or the future and we fail to focus on the little stuff that matter. If you are feeling this way, then start focusing on the little stuff.

Go for a walk outside in nature. Make time for your family, especially, if you have children. Go for a walk and take your pet along. Observe the little things and just enjoy their existence. Do not overanalyze it.

4. Absorb the energy of nature

Most of us have lost our connection with nature. Living in the cities for so long has put us away from nature. However, we can still reconnect with nature is several ways. Start gazing at the stars in the clear night or go to the park.

Engage in rock-climbing. If you can, go and live in the countryside and drown in the natural world. This way, you regain your creative side.

So, start living in the moment. Breathe and relieve yourself from stress. Settle in the now and find how beautiful life truly is.

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