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Saturn Enters The Sign Of Capricorn December 19th — Get Ready For A Cycle Of Achievements!

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The planet Saturn is making its way into Capricorn. With this, we will experience some new energy shifts. This is not going to be like the other shifts because it will last much longer.

On December 19th, Saturn will occupy the sign of Capricorn, and it will remain there until March 21st, 2020. With the planet in Capricorn, there will be several things to expect. For one, we will feel much more grounded than we usually do. Saturn will command us to work harder and remain disciplined. It will implore us to look at the clock and make us question whether or not we have enough to do.

Saturn will also govern old age and bring us a lot of lessons which we need to learn.

It will take Saturn between 28 – 30 years to complete its orbit of the Zodiac, and now when it is coming home to Capricorn energies it will be more intense than ever before. It is a masculine energy which rules over the 10th and 11th houses.

The planet Saturn functions well when it is in the sign of Capricorn. It brings a hard path to walk down. But it also brings people to a point where they may have to cut their losses and rebuild things if need be. This energy is not something that we can avoid. Saturn will be in Capricorn for years, and it will be an energy which has to feel off and on until the planet Saturn will make another move.

There is also a dark side of this Saturn in Capricorn energy, something we need to be aware of. When Saturn is in Capricorn, you cannot cut corners. There is also no ‘making excuses.’ If you are in a relationship with someone that does not show respect, you are going to find that being single is a much better alternative.

There will be a lot of overcoming with this energy shift.

You may have to get through emotions which are stirred up on a very personal level. Throughout history, the planet Saturn being in Capricorn has been always associated with fear.

No matter where the planet goes, it will bring about a profound concern in regards to the examination of genuine issues. For instance, when it has been in Capricorn in the past, there were significant depressions, fears of cold war and a lot more.

Now when the planet is preparing to shift out of Sagittarius, people will experience some more generous emotions. Up until it makes its way back to Capricorn, we will be feeling a sense of completion like nothing we have felt before. If you haven’t felt it already, you will have to step up to the plate, and take responsibility for the person you are and where you want to be in the future.

This planet does everything that it can to ensure that we become the best versions of ourselves. The universe is genuinely working in our favor, no matter of the situation.

Accept the energies that are coming in your way with open arms and embrace this boost of productivity.

Also, remember that while the things may be a little odd in the following years, everything will surely happen for a reason.

Sources: CafeAstrology

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