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Why Manifesting Rituals And Mantras Aren’t A Good Idea During An Eclipse

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by Conscious Reminder

One of the best ways of connecting with astrology as well as creating a regular practice in spirituality is performing moon rituals aligning with the lunar cycle’s major moments.

A New Moon is usually an ideal time for manifestation and intention-setting rituals. A Full Moon, on the other hand, is ideal for cleansing rituals and charging crystals.

However, on 19th November, the Full Moon will also be an eclipse. An Eclipse can be a powerful indicator of huge changes in life as well as spiritual growth. But they are not at all ideal for performing moon magic.

Astrologically, an eclipse is known for being able to create room for intense spurts of growth as well as swift shifts. These events are usually marked by exciting beginnings, shocking revelations, and sudden endings. Eclipses can be thought of as supercharged full and new moons. But that does not mean their energies are extra suited for lunar rituals.

Eclipse season’s vibe can be often challenging, intense, and chaotic since many realignments and revelations take place in little time. This powerful destabilizing energy should never be invited into manifestation rituals. Rather, it is much better to sit back during an eclipse and simply process all the shifts.

The Astrological Reason Why Eclipse Rituals Are Avoided

The first reason why eclipse rituals and manifestations are avoided is associated with the luminaries’ position. When an eclipse occurs, the alignment of the earth, sun, and the moon obstructs the moon and/or the sun’s light.

As such, depending on your place, an eclipse can be extremely visually dramatic. Astrologically, this makes the period inauspicious for calling on the luminaries’ energy via any rituals.

Since they are obstructed, the energies do not function as they normally do making the overall energy much more intense and fraught.

Secondly, an eclipse will always be aligned with two very important points in astrology called the Nodes of Fate. As such, these lunations are tinged with this influence with a karmic magic element that is supposed to have a relation with our destinies.

Whatever events occur during the season of eclipses are probably fated. Think of it as a way of the universe intervening and returning us to our fated paths. So any attempt to do our own rituals of manifestation during this time can distract us from exciting blessings.

Spiritual Practices That Can Be Done During Eclipses

The events in the cosmos are still periods of extreme spiritual power. Since eclipses aid us in aligning ourselves with our destinies, anything that connects us with spirituality (apart from rituals) is beneficial.

So try activities that use your higher mind that promotes growth and self-reflection. Making gratitude lists daily or taking up journaling can be beneficial as they can help in staying present and processing the events induced by the eclipse.

An eclipse is also a great excuse for getting together with your dearest friends and having honest talks about any big ongoing change. A tarot spread for eclipse is another great method for letting the self within you guide you towards some emotional clarity.

Finally, an eclipse is also ideal for spiritual activities that ground you and keep you calm amidst the chaos unfolding in the cosmos.

Working with crystals that relieve stress, spending time with Nature, long walks, and meditation are all great ways of keeping you chill. They are also ideal ways of taking full advantage of eclipses’ occasional energy that destabilizes.

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