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Weekly Horoscope April 1st-7th: A Planetary Ball Game That Can Turn Dreams Into Reality

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by Conscious Reminder

During this week, we are all going to feel foggy, because it is going to be off to a cloudy start. This means that we should not force ourselves to focus on something when all that we would like to do will be to stare out of the window.

Also, we would probably want to go outside of our homes and have a picnic somewhere among the beautiful cherry blossoms. We should put the blame on the drifty vibrations of the planets Mercury and Neptune, which will go down today, the 2nd of April.

This is going to be the third, and also the final time during this year that these planets are going to host karmic energies at an identical degree of the sign of Pisces, bringing soulful, and dreamy energy to this day.

However, when it actually comes to doing something and being completely focused on it, we should forget it, as there will not be something like that.

The first time that these two planets met was on the 19th of February, and they brought a fantasy-fueled sequel to the magic day of Cupid.

After that, on the 24th of March, Mercury and Neptune pair-bonded at the time when Mercury was in retrograde, which additionally intensified certain feelings which were buried profoundly under the surface – those which we were supposed to process, but we preferred not to deal with.

With the Neptune and Mercury show of this week, we can have some deep insights about certain things which cause us pain and pleasure. The mental planet Mercury likes sorting, categorizing, and drawing up theories.

The planet Neptune is the governor of our subconscious minds, when everything may feel like nebulous haze. For example, if we surrender much of our control earlier this week, we are going to start seeing some patterns which were blurry before. The Universe will probably knock on our door with helpful wisdom.

This Friday, the 5th of April, there is going to be a New Moon happening in the sign of Aries, which is going to inspire us to think out-of-the-box.

However, we should not float off in the ether too far than we are expected. Clarity will return like a boomerang on this New Moon, which is the only one in this year happening in Aries too. In a lot of ways, this particular lunar cycle will be like a ceremony for freshest and out-of-the-box ideas.

We should trot these ideas out and then see the response that we are going to get. Or we can simply decide to live our life by our design. The New Moon is going to snap us out of the reverie.

Being influenced by the audacious and independent sign of Aries, we will feel encouraged to take our chances, although it may mean that we should break up our old habits.

We should look forward to the 13th of October when there is going to be the corresponding Full Moon in the sign of Aries, illuminating the skies. That will be the date of harvesting the seeds from the spring season, which we are going to plant near this Friday.

We should be more focused on our personal goals which will benefit only ourselves. Our personal goals might yield the prosperity crop after six months counting from now.

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