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The Connection We Share: Do Pets Play A Spiritual Role In Our Lives?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The connection between us and our pets may be very powerful and intense. Even though we can’t communicate with them through speech, our connection with them will be much better than with the people who are living with us.

For example, dogs are able to see spirits just like they are able to see people. They can capture the energies of spirits, just like they can capture our energies. When the energies aren’t good, they will have strange behavior, barking, and growling.

What is the spiritual purpose of animals?

Dogs have their charged purpose – they are here in order to help and defend men. Except that they defend us physically, they also defend us from spells and curses. Our dog is going to try to prevent heavy energies that are coming to us, absorbing those energies. They will protect us from the invisible and the visible.

As cats are a bit different, their function in this world is also different. Although they are also meant to help humanity, they have a different function. Cats don’t have a sensor in sight; in fact, they see spirits and people even lower.

Their function in this world is cleaning the environment in which we live, seeing bad and heavy energy, and cleaning up those bad and dense energies. However, if the energies are too heavy for them, they will run away looking terrified.

Cats – The master Reiki healers.

Cats are even said to be Reiki specialists and healers. Reiki is the spiritual healing technique which uses the heart’s energies through our hands. Cats are able to align our imbalanced chakras, using their bodies and paws.

There are cases in which pets will have the disease that their owner has. That’s why we have to know what kind of negative energies are present in our home.

Animals are definitely natural empaths.

Every animal is sensitive to certain energies. Animals are able to detect changes in our body’s vibratory pattern quite easily. As our pet loves us, it is going to absorb strange energies which we present to them. If we don’t take our pet to walk, be in contact with people or nature, it is going to be overloaded with harmful and overwhelming energies.

Pets are not able to stand negative emanations quite a lot, be it in their bodies or the environment in which they live.

Our pets really love us. Our pets would do everything that they have to in order to please us and make us feel happy. Because of that, unconsciously, our pets absorb the negative energies within us or any different type of energy which comes to us, without leaving us sick, tired, or depressed. The animals that commonly do this are dogs, but also cats.

If we want to protect our pets from getting sick, we have to take better care of our inner world – our emotions, feelings, thoughts, and attitudes. We should also protect our bodies from some energetic attacks coming from the world outside; we should meditate, study, and connect with better sources. So, our body, pet, and home, together with our family, are going to thank us deeply.

What is the spiritual significance of wanting cats or dogs?

Astrologically, cats are associated with our Moon, representing maternal feelings, care, and affection. People will feel the necessity to have cats when such feelings don’t exist in their lives.

Dogs are associated with the sun’s energy. Those people that would like to have dogs often seek more freedom, energy, and independence. Children will feel the need to have dogs when they need more companionship and attention.

However, adults will feel the need to have dogs when they seek fresh starts in their lives.

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