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December’s Biggest Astrological Events Are Just Around The Corner

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by Conscious Reminder

2021’s home stretch is here. The time has come to enter the season of holidays and welcome a new year.

The 2021 December astrology is filled with cosmic drama aiming to conclude the year with a blast. At the same time, be ready for some fresh beginnings sparkling with the potential of an exciting future.

Here are the most important planetary punches for the final month of this year.

Retrogrades Are Ending

The month will start off with the end of one more retrograde – Neptune’s retrograde will end on 1st December. As Neptune starts moving direct, we will need to put in more work into combining our mystical insights and tangible efforts.

Later in December, the Chiron retrograde will end on 19th December. This movement may inspire us to transform our previous struggles into an active effort that can help in healing.

An Important Solar Eclipse & Sagittarius Vibes

December’s beginning 3 weeks make up for the majority of the 2021 Sagittarius season. This means all of us will feel a bit more spontaneous, optimistic, and happy-go-lucky.

Mercury will also reside in Sagittarius for the month’s first half. So expect feeling like speaking honestly, expanding horizons, and searching for fresh perspectives.

Sagittarius Season’s highlight will be the 3rd/4th December Solar Eclipse. This can bring sudden paradigm shifts in our emotions as well new exciting chances for adventure. This will be a great time for thinking about how you approach life, and how it has evolved in 2021.

Energy Shifts In The Middle Of The Month

On 13th December, Mars will enter Sagittarius where Mercury and the Sun already are. This will inspire spontaneity and adventurousness in the way we chase after our goals.

But, later on, that day, Mercury will enter Capricorn. This will make our thinking more practical and grounded. This will be a great time for setting plans for 2022.

2021’s Final Full Moon

On 18th December, we will have the year’s last full moon. This will also be the 2021 eclipse season’s official conclusion.

Taking place in airy Gemini, the lunation will inspire us to be more communicative. This will be an ideal time for tying up loose ends and releasing all the things that no longer serve you.

Venus Retrograde Is Approaching Our Romances

Venus, the planet ruling over romance, money, and love, will begin a 40-day long retrograde on 19th December in Capricorn. This can cause previous relationship drama to resurface, and make us change or question our present tastes.

But you can also think of it as a solid chance to reassess what we truly consider valuable. It may not be a good period for making some dramatically luxurious changes. But do not shy away from rethinking your relationships.

The Winter Solstice & Capricorn Season

2021 Capricorn season will begin on 21st December. This season will be about getting more serious in life, so it will be a great time for giving your all to your career and setting realistic long-term plans. Capricorn season’s start will also mark the winter solstice’s date, aka, the year’s longest night and a fresh meteorological season.

The Final Saturn-Uranus Square

On 24th December, we will get to see the last of 3 back-to-back squares in Saturn/Uranus. This happens only once every 2 decades. They are believed to bring tension and growth regarding the blending of new thinking and old structures. It might bring more change to our society’s very foundations rather than our lives.  

Dream Big As Jupiter Enters Pisces

On 28th December, lucky Jupiter will enter watery Pisces making for quite an optimistic ending to the year. This aspect will generally fill us with creativity, fantasy, and wonder; and everyone can expect to experience dreamy idealism, spiritual growth, and artistic inspiration.

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