Prepare For The December Total New Moon Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius

by Conscious Reminder

The cosmic event will be asking us to reminisce about all the things that have happened since 2020 May. This will be a time for reflecting on the growth and change in your life so far.

From 2020 May, we had to work under the influence of the Eclipse cycle on the Sagittarius/Gemini axis. But, that cycle will soon come to a close now, with the final date being 3rd/4th December. The final event will be the last Total New Moon Solar Eclipse.

The End Of An Eclipse Cycle

Getting to the end of a cycle of Eclipses is one of the most significant astrological moments. It symbolizes reaching a new destination.

It symbolizes a moment in our lives when a part of us is completely reborn and entirely integrated. This part becomes ready for taking on an active role in our daily lives.

Since 2020 May, many events have taken place. On the level of the collective, there was one of the largest grieving experiences as we became forced to live in a completely different way.

People lost jobs, holidays got postponed, and events got canceled. And, perhaps, it took till now to begin to see how everything has led to the present day.

Of course, the collective energy experienced was not the whole picture. We had our personal stories to add to that as well. As we approach the Total New Moon Solar Eclipse, we might finally see patterns in the ways we were guided and led by the Universe as we experienced personal evolutions.

An eclipse is believed to be a portal to a different consciousness state. They have a tendency of bringing events that transform and shift our lives. Finally, they let us enter the next chapter in the evolution of our soul.

Our Goal Is Near

This Eclipse will take place in Sagittarius. You can think of it as the final step in the path that we were traveling so far. It unlocks the last door on the path, and can, thus, bring us the deserving rewards of our efforts.

Every change that the Eclipse has influenced in us, this is the time when we start seeing the journey’s end. Get ready for the next level of clarity.

A Total New Moon Solar Eclipse is among the most powerful Eclipses that can happen. Even just its physical appearance is enchanting. From ancient times, these eclipses were believed to be powerful moments for manifestation, and have the power to activate everything being sowed.

Their presence makes our field of energy behave like a magnet, attracting everything that we need. As such, the energy can also be used to set intentions regarding all that we want to attract.

Furthermore, both Neptune and Mercury will be active during this Eclipse. As such, some new revelations can happen. Neptune’s presence indicates that a veil may get lifted, letting us glimpse the deeper truth. Neptune’s involvement also makes it important to trust and listen to our instincts.

The asteroid Chiron, or the wounded healer, will also be active. Its influence can help us mend and heal a few broken relationships. If there are people with whom you need to have healing conversations, the upcoming Solar Eclipse shall support you.

This lunation is going to be a generally powerful moment for 2021. It is highly likely we will reach our intended destination – the place that we wanted to be for the previous one and a half years.

So, when arriving at the new destination, remember to be grateful for your journey, and honor the growth and lessons that were achieved.

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