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Do Twin Flames Incarnate With A Big Age Difference?

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Usually, there is an age difference between twin flames, and we will wonder why such a difference exists. We can actually learn something more about the difference if we understand the things from the start.

When our Universe was finally created, and conscious beings created together with it to create a so-called physical plane, the souls of individuals had to separate in two to actually enter a specific physical body. In this way, twin flames have been born.

In fact, twin flames completely differ from soulmates. We can define soulmates as two different souls coming from one fabric. They can come in different forms in the so-called physical plane, and such forms can be friends, siblings, mothers, and even in the form of lovers sometimes.

However, twin flames go much deeper than soulmates. They are two identical parts of a person who needs to find one another on this physical place to elevate once again in much higher consciousness.

Usually, several lifetimes will have to pass in order for twins to find one another. Usually, this depends on the person, how well he or she knows or recognizes himself or herself.

In every lifetime, twin flames are tied together with the silver thread connection, and they find one another in the end. But, recognition is actually a different thing. When we don’t take the needed time to get to know ourselves better, the possibility is that we will not recognize ourselves in someone else.

Why an age difference between twin flames exists?

The relationships of twin flames are far more intense and extreme than some other relationships. Because they actually combine to a much-elevated consciousness, loving two parts of themselves will become a challenge.

Then, it is not a surprise that the number of obstacles which come with the relationship of twin flames is bigger. Moreover, it might also result in separations between twin flames.

When two twin flames aren’t prepared to own the two parts of themselves, the world will let them go through a few other reincarnations to get them ready even further.

Such relationships are quite rare, to start with if simply because recognizing their twin flame will be a challenge. It will take a few reincarnations before the two twins meet each other in the appropriate space and time. This actually means that we could meet our twin flame when his or her physical life is at a different phase.

This is also going to entail several differences in culture, age, or upbringing too. As we meet on our physical plane, the differences which will appear may be a huge challenge.

But, one important thing we have to realize is that we aren’t destined to spend our time together on the plane. We are supposed to accomplish elevated consciousness.

The age difference between twin flames: we reincarnated during different times.

We will need to break every barrier which society built. The age difference between twin flamed can be big, from 10 to about 40 years. Although our souls have been born simultaneously, they probably went into the plane in different time periods, and age difference will result from this.

If the age difference is less, it means that both of our souls synchronized themselves to make meetings much easier, even though this is not always like that. Although the connection will be perceptible, our twin flame may be afraid and deny this connection.

Being a more conscious and mature twin, our job at such times would be to be understanding and patient. We should be present in our twin flame’s life, and we shouldn’t force the problem.  We will probably find ourselves better prepared later on in life.

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