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7 Ways Reiki Makes Your Life Better

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Let us get to know what Reiki is actually.

Reiki is a holistic therapy that ushers in healing on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. It is believed that Reiki energy flowers through the hands of a practitioner when they are placed on a potential recipient.

Some teachings delve into the importance of the practitioner’s intentions in the process while others claim that the energy of the Reiki is drawn by the receiver’s need to enhance the process of healing.

It is also believed that the energy is also “intelligent” as it knows where to heal even if the practitioner is not placing his hands in the right place. This is Universal Attention.

Once you work with Reiki, it gives you the power to connect with a massive source of energy which in turn can be used to create a healing effect.

Everyone can gain access to this energy with the help of an attunement process carried out by a Reiki Master.

Tips As To How You Can Get Reiki Into Your Lives

#1: Life evolves in the present but we let it slip away. We allow time to flow past without seizing or observing it and wasting the precious seconds of our existences as we think about the past and the future. 

We are always trying to do something and hence offer little to no time to practice calm or stillness. When we are working, we dream about vacation and do the opposite when we are eventually on vacation.

We keep thinking about the past and the memories associated with it and keep stressing out about things that may or may not happen in the future.

We fail to appreciate the living present as our minds swing from one thought to another like monkeys swinging from one tree to another.

#2: We fail to undertake our thoughts in awareness. It is our thoughts that take control of us. We need to find true balance and gain control of our lives and minds. For this, we need to step out and pause the course of our thoughts. All we need is to rest in stillness and just focus on being in the present.

#3: Live in the present moment and be “mindful”. This is a state of open, intentional, and active attention to the present. Once you become mindful, you become a “watcher” of your thoughts and observe them from one moment to another without judging them. You then realize that you are not “just” your thoughts.

#4: Once you cultivate a nonjudgemental awareness of the present, you will observe a flow of benefits. Mindfulness will assist you in reducing your stress, chronic pains, and even your blood pressure.

It will also boost your immune system and can help patients with cancer. It can also reduce the risk of cardiac disease if you can spend a few minutes every day actively focusing on living in the moment. 

#5: People who are mindful are usually happier, exuberant, and more empathetic. They accept their own weaknesses and also have high self-esteem.

Once you manage to anchor your awareness in the present, you will see a massive reduction in your impulses and reactions which are basically symptoms of depression.

You will also be able to listen to negative feedback without feeling attacked. It is also observed that mindful couples have satisfying relationships as they fight less with their partners.

#6: Mindfulness is the base of several religions and everyone agrees that it is important to live in the present. The only problem that people face is how to live in the present moment. It takes proper intentions and practice to override the distractions and awaken to the present.

#7: Living in the present involves a paradox. You cannot chase it for its benefits as the expectations of a reward will launch a future-oriented mindset that hampers the entire process. You need to keep faith in the process and trust that the rewards will arrive.

You need to let go of what you want in order to truly receive it.

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