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Do You Believe That Your Child Is A Natural Born Empath? Watch Closely For These 15 Signs!

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

It is hard being an Empath in this world where emotions run high and there is so much injustice and misery.

It is even harder being an empath if you are just a child and do not even know why you feel so deeply about everything and why you get influenced by the emotions of others.

At such time guidance and support from the parents is crucial and for you to know if your child needs that kind of support you need to know if they are an empath.

Here are the signs of a naturally born empath:

1. They find it hard to make many friends- They don’t want to surround themselves with too many people and are happy with the few loyal friends they have. You shouldn’t be worried about their lack of company.

2. They get affected by the emotions of others- They can pick up your emotions if you are too stressed or worried. Being an empath they get influenced by the emotions of anyone in the room.

3. They act out when they get upset- Since they feel more than the usual amount they do not know how to process all these emotions. And so they act out aggressively because they don’t know any better.

4. They share a deep bond with plants and animals- They empathize with every living entity, even those who can’t speak for themselves. They love spending time with nature and its denizens and are very gentle with animals.

5. They are naturally instinctive- You don’t always have to tell them everything for them to know if something is up. They can understand a lot from your emotions and expressions without being told explicitly.

6. They prefer being on their own- They like spending time on their own and do not think that they are losing out on something if they are not always surrounded by people.

7. They are willing to listen to other’s problems- They empathize with others and are willing to lend a ear to someone who is troubled.

8. They are naturally compassionate- They are kind and compassionate and always think about others. They tend to be less self-centered than most children their age.

9. They tend to avoid family gatherings- They don’t like crowds and huge gatherings and even less those where pesky relatives keep asking them irrelevant questions. They are very uncomfortable in such situations and would rather spend the day hiding away.

10. They react too strongly to movies or books- They cry when something bad happens to the characters and rejoice when the fictional world is saved. They feel too deeply for these even though they know none of it is real.

11. They constantly feel left out- They don’t really feel in sync with their contemporaries.

12. Being in a large crowd makes them feel too stimulated- because they get affected by the emotions of others being around too many people leads their senses to an overdrive. They feel supremely uncomfortable in such situations.

13. They do not like too loud noises- They prefer solitude and peace and quiet. Loud noises drain them a lot.

14. They feel all emotions too deeply- They find it hard to let things go and get affected by their emotions too much. It is quite hard to cheer them up if they have experienced something sad and take longer than the most to move on.

15. They are very intuitive in catching others’ lies- They can sense the emotions of others and by the same logic also know when someone is lying or not. Don’t try to hide things from them or keep them in the dark because they will know it nonetheless and it will only hurt them.

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