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What Is A Growth Number And What’s Yours?

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by Conscious Reminder

Often we argue with our parents about our name, not knowing the fact that our names are conveyed by us before we are born through telepathy.

Our last name signifies our family, their ethics and rituals they have followed all the years. Our first name echoes the significance of our life and its purpose.

Birth date and Birth Name together create the birth code, a map of your whole life. The first name forms the Growth Number, simply by adding all the alphabets of your name according to Pythagorean numerology chart. They are to be added until they form a single digit number, but if the answer is 11, 22, or 33 it needs to be kept the same.

Here is a cheat sheet for growth number meanings.  Remember, this is a general description, how this number affects you has many variables, your destiny number, what your interests are, etc.

What is your growth number? Calculate your first name and find your growth number. Use this chart. You may want to use the name you usually go by, which may be for some, your nick name. Example: G (7) +R (9) +E (5) +E (5) +R (9) =35. 3+5=8. Growth number is 8.

Growth Number 1

These people crave for perfection in every field of their work; they have different thinking capacity and can be harbingers of notable works.

Negative Sides

Sometimes they fail to balance their emotions and as a result behave in a bossy way. Also they become overconfident at times.

Growth Number 2

These people are stable minded and like to keep it simple. They are far away from unnecessary quarrels, with kind nature to help others.

Negative Sides

Too good to fight nature gives other people chance to push them down, also they lack confidence and surrounded with insecurities.

Growth Number 3

These People are masters of talking; they possess the talent of convincing people. They like to open up their mind and easily mix with people.

Negative Sides

Though they are good talkers, at times they are too confident to know their mistakes. They have talent without proper utilization.

Growth Number 4

People belonging to this group are well at organizing and they do their duty with utmost concentration with zero mistakes. They know their priorities well.

Negative Sides

Following the routines, they hardly explore outside work, so at times they are boring. They find it hard to adjust.

Growth Number 5

Artful and at the same time funny, growth number 5 people are gullible and intelligent. The can easily manage problems and Adjust with change.

Negative Sides

Oftentimes they have been proved to fickle-minded. They cannot be relied upon for their lack of authority.

Growth Number 6

Caring for other people even when it means giving away own comfort, growth number 6 people are animal lovers. They love the concept of happy home.

Negative Sides

Often times they forget to weigh the practicality of any situation and end up being top emotional.

Growth Number 7

With lots of positive vibes these people always stand by truth no matter what the situation is. Devotional too.

Negative Sides

Often complicated they are hard to make anything understand. They fail to balance their emotions.

Growth Number 8

These people are great wealth managers, great traders; they know how to reach their goals.

Negative Sides

Too full of themselves, they are least bothered about the people around.

Growth Number 9

They like to be there for other people, because they value their presence. They believe in the phrase ‘kindness costs Nothing’.

Negative Sides

They live in dreams and they don’t want to face the reality.

Growth Number 11

Inspiring others and self. Acknowledging your brilliant ideas and putting them into form. Making a difference in the world through your innovation. (What gets you stuck is your ego. When you inspire to get attention and not your altruistic vision. Also self-judgment and fear of what others think of you. Fear of being seen.)

They have similarities with number 2 people, but they need to work on there faith and belief. They are hard to convince, but they can sense the next actions of life. Their negative sides are same like #2.

Growth Number 22

Connecting with others and making a difference. Manifestation through relationships. Brilliant understanding of people and building. (The challenge is to care too much what others think and to get bogged down by the details. Key is to delegate!)

Known as great makers, these people will come forward to serve others, their life constitutes of kindness. Their negative sides are same as #4.

Growth Number 33

Dynamic creativity and compassion for others. Doing service for others and community and the world. (The challenge is to remember your self and let go of being a caretaker. Also fear of judgement).

These people are the great guides who love to show people the right path. Less bothered with own sufferings, these people hear others and give proper advice to people. They do this only after gaining enough knowledge, they are jewels. Their negative sides are same as #6

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