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Twin Flame Telepathy: A Sign Of The True Twin Connections

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by Conscious Reminder

A Sign Of The True Twin Connections

Twin Flame telepathy is indeed a true hallmark of twin connection. The signs of experiencing telepathy can be- receiving messages and hearing songs inside your head. Receiving film clips is also very common between twin flames.

New Research confirms the existence of Telepathy

Scientists at the prestigious ‘Harvard University’ have confirmed that telepathy exists.

But if you are not experiencing a telepathic connection with your twin, do not fear, as the blockade can be caused by congestion in energetic channels.

Telepathic channels exist around our eyes and forehead, clairaudient channels exist near the ears down to the throat. If you have tension in these regions, it is often the sign that the channels are blocked due to congestion or due to your ego filters.

Developing Telepathy

After connecting with your twin and experiencing Kundalini rising, you can develop telepathy within few months. This can come really fast if you clear your energy and use energy management tools to uplift your energy vibration.

If you feel that your telepathic connection is wearing off, then focus more on meditation and energy clearing, this will bring back the connection.

The key here is to know the secrets of clearing the connection. You must avoid bringing up your fears and ego. Telepathic connection works on the vibration and frequency, thus blockades like ego and fear must be removed from the station (mind).

Also, if you are low on energy or are congested, your telepathic connection can be hindered. The aspect of frequency is very important. Both the twins share the same core frequency, which is also known as a soul song. This soul song is the reason that the twins are able to connect with each other.

Hope you liked the idea of a telepathic connection between twin flames.

If you have ever experienced anything similar with your Twin partner, don’t hesitate to share it with us.

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