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The Meaning Behind Synchronicities And How To Recognize The Patterns

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When we ask people whether they understand what synchronicity is or not, we will receive different answers. Some of them will say that they definitely know, others will think so, and there will also be those that don’t have a clue at all.

Synchronicity is a word which is very frequent these days, so that’s why we need to know that it means. Synchronicities are said to be the most popular, playful method in which our Universe sends us guidance.

According to the definition of Carl Jung, synchronicities are meaningful coincidences, opposite to coincidental things which happen and have no greater importance.

Here are the three examples of what synchronicities look like, and how you can recognize them:

Dramatic synchronicity which reminds you of how responsive and intricate our Universe is

For example, your week started as you walked into your preferred bookstore café, and your dear friend called you. You started fighting on the phone quickly, which is not like you. You felt that the reaction of your friends was way too serious. You stopped the conversation diplomatically and entered in the café.

While you were waiting in line to order your tea, you wondered why your friend gets easily triggered in recent times. You sat at the table you usually sit, and when you opened your laptop, you looked at the bookcase before you. This particular bookcase was the identical display of some cute aprons and socks for months. But today, it has been full of tea towels. The tea towel in the middle was staring at you, and there was a caption on it, writing “low blood sugar.”

Then, you remembered that your friend has the habit of skipping breakfast, or also launch sometimes when she was running to arrive somewhere. Then, you sent an email to your friend, asking her if she remembers to eat something during the entire day. Then, she will admit that during the last several weeks, she was skipping breakfast as she was so busy. Also, she will agree that skipping breakfast was also the reason why she overreacts, and she will promise to start caring better for herself.

A magical and beautiful vacation, you will never forget – three different synchronicities

For example, your husband travels for work to California from time to time. He says to you: “Next time I go, you should come along.” Then, he learned that he would go to California during the next month.

For you, it would only be one weekend away, if you tagged along; however, you will need to buy a ticket, so that you will spend all of the money on doing touristy things and eating out if you go with him. You will tell him that you will invite a friend to come to your home, and stay with you while he is away. You actually know that spending that weekend at your home together with your friend is going to be more financially better and responsible.

You will contact a friend out of your town who will ask for days off work and will plan to come to your place and spend that weekend with you. However, the following day, you will start hearing a song from Led Zeppelin called “Going to California” in your mind. You like the band, but you never really liked the song.

Our angels and our Universe find numerous ways of sending us messages, including music. You will continue hearing the song in your mind all the time so that you will have to play it on a record. Then, you will go to the office of your husband, and you will tell him that you believe you are supposed to go with him, while a song titled “California Man” has been playing on the radio in his office.

However, you will hate canceling on your friend. But, the night before she is about to come, she will send you a message, saying: “My manager just changed her mind and said I could not take off that weekend we were going to spend together. I’m so sorry!”

After these three synchronicities, you will buy your ticket, and you will probably have the best vacation that you will treasure until you are alive.

Questions you had about career opportunities answered with the help of synchronicity

For example, an opportunity for your career will come in for you at the end of quite an eventful and busy week. You will weigh some practical aspects right in your head: “How much time would this endeavor require of me, how would I be compensated, and did it fit in with the direction I wanted my career to be heading?”

Then, you will follow your sixth sense, and it will tell you that this has been a huge opportunity – a huger one than it looked on the paper – and it will send your way by your spirit, to help you dive profoundly into your calling.

Then, the offer will come by an email. When you are about to replay, you will notice the email time stamp – the offer came to you at 4:44 in the afternoon. In fact, 444 is one popular angelic number which will let you know that your angels work in order to help you.

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